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  1. just installed this. awesome to have the transport working, pitty the mixer doesn't automep tho that'd be mega handy
  3. NOOOOO, i can't believe that sold for only $70
  4. sounds like it's tin foil hat time @ your place!
  5. that damn impressive, this should pass some time this arvo!
  6. Cheers man, Will check this out tonight, I still use fruity and haven't even bothered checking it out with the sl coz the support is so shit (i thought) but this looks awesome.
  7. This is a bit of a promo whoring thread i know Click the beatport logo to preview if you're interested Next stop will be Timothy Allan's "Forward" and remixes from Kultrun and Viterous (Tribal Chris) Haven't got much further than that yet so feel free to shoot me any demos (and music to play on BeatGeek on KissFM for that matter)
  9. Easiest way to do it is via MIDI. Just preepare the track for export via the Macros in the options area (remember to save a new version before doing any of this BTW) and then render a midi file, next all you need to do is create a folder and export all your data files (your samples basically) so you have everything you've used in FL consolidated and then it just a matter of putting it all back together in ableotn
  10. Hi guys First off thanks for entering we received a heap of entries and there was a lot of quality stuff in there. As this I'm sure this was a learning exercise for a lot of you we thought we'd offer some "best practice" tips that might help you get a leg up on your competition next time J File naming: this is so obvious but apparently not as obvious as we'd thought it should be J. Always name your files properly, about half the entries we received didn't have any hint of who'd sent us the tune. Always use the correct naming conventions "Artist – Track Name (Remix Name) and use ID3 tags too. Track Length and structure: There were a few goodies in there that were great tunes but were unreleaseable due to the fact they were either too short or didn't have intros and outros. This is cool but may be something you'll want to think about if your gunning for the label release. Read the rules: We got heaps of emails telling us that peeps had done their tracks and sent us myspace links. If the comp says sendspace or whatever make sure you comply – in a bigger competition there's a chance you'd be ignored and all you hard work'd be for nothing Unfortunately Dopamine wasn't able to input on the commentary as promised but without further ado here's Machina's take on our 4 finalists: FEED BACK FUN WITH MACHINA Kultrun - lotsa stuff going on. effects n klippy klops n bleepy bits n whirry wahs n timing cockups n a tappy, ball-less kick that all the kids seem to like these days. It kinda always seems to be doing something, but it really isn't doing anything at all... i don't know if that's the intention, if it is, A+, if it isn't... well... balls. it does chugg along nicely, and is a nice take on the original... I would call it a lovely sunday track... unfortunately i'm too old n crusty to be awake on sundays, but i'm sure those on the dancefloor would groove along nicely in a ketamine haze... if i was awake and in a ketamine haze waving my hands around like the robot from "lost in space" ("Danger Will Robinson, Danger"), i'd probably be listening to something like this... ah dear, there's something wrong with me. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- joe starwarz - really like this - glitchy n bleepy yet maintains a lovely mechanical groove complete with cool timing cockups n old school video game sounds... it made me wanna play pong and pong makes me happy. "plink...plonk...plink...plonk..." but, i digress reminds me of old school si begg, cristian vogel, dave tarrida etc... a cool style of music which has sadly all but died out. Dj's would have trouble mixing it i suspect (because dj's are a little slow n dumb), and that only makes me love it more. screw dj's - dumb jukebox bastards... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Saint- you gotta love the prodigy, right? this sounds like the long lost prodigy track that liam accidentally lost whilst on some crazy cocaine bender and is probably better for not having keith flint screaming some cockney shite over the top of it like a sex pistol with tourette's... i do like it alot - constantly changing and not the same shit that you seem to hear everywhere... and would appeal across genre's - from the breaks dudes to the techno dudes to the other people that play all those other shitty genre's (i dunno what you call that other stuff). ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- tribalchris - for some reason, this reminds me of Toto... you know, the band that did "Africa" and "Rosanna". What?!?!?! Why, i hear you asking? i have no fucking idea. not a clue - sounds nothing like it, has no relevance to it whatsoever... but right now that's all i've got - "It's gonna take a lot to drag me away from yoooooouuuuuuu There's nothing that a hundred men or more could ever doooooooooooooo I bless the rains down in Africaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Gonna take some time to do the things we never haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-aaaaaaaaaaaa-aaaaaaaaaaaaad" I can't fucken shake it... cool song though (both this, and "Africa") so i'm not too upset... Anyway - this is probably the best produced of the lot - awesome mix, really nice progression, some balls, and it reminded me of Toto (even though it's probably more like johannes heil - a legend btw). A+ (there is something so wrong with my brain <sigh>) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Machina *drum-roll* And ze winner iz: Tribal Chris Love the atmosphere in the TribalChris remix. It's sometimes a gamble when you make a track that's really far from the original in terms of style and concept, but if you can do it well, it pays off! That's where this one shines compared to some of the other entries, it's not just a rearrangement of the provided samples, it's a whole new bunch of shazaam! The mix overall is pretty good, and the general flow is great. A+ Would listen again TA Runner up : Kultrun Kultrun, strike one for spelling my name wrong, but you're forgiven. I really dig the vibe of this one, I'm totally all over that chuggy druggy subby beat. I reckon the bass needs a bit more presence in low mids, and the track needs a bit of an arrangement/length tweak for the clubs, but it's got killer potential. TA Thanks again all
  11. ^^^I've rolled back to v1, it just took too fucking long for programs to load up with it. I'm happy with v1
  12. ^^^x2, esp seeing as that looked like a google image search photo
  13. Earthcore gears worst friend - all my shit has EC dust in it, so worth it tho!!!
  14. Thanks man. I've been lurking for a while now and work's been really slow lately so i though I'd mix it up a bit with some SP action