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  1. http://soundcloud.com/backroomreality/eddie-stephens-sticks-backroom-reality-remix well its been a while since ive dropped past here! so gotta get back into it. heres a remix i have completed under a new name. hope everyone enjoys! cheers
  2. new tech house track we have finished! hope you guys all like it http://player.soundcloud.com/player.swf?track=backroom-reality-swing
  3. fixed the bass... made it more heavy on sub and tone is dirtier
  4. Finally got out a dubstep track... little remix of yakooza cocaine http://player.soundcloud.com/player.swf?track=yakooza-cocaine-backroom-realitys-dark-dub-remix Yakooza - Cocaine (Backroom Reality's Dubstep Remix)
  5. [mp3=400,30,0,center]http://www.soundpunk.com/downloads/public/sets_and_mixes/tech house mix april 10 mixed by Drapey.mp3[/mp3] Newest mix that i have created. Had a bit of fun with this one. Hooked up a new kaossilator pro to the standard pioneer 1000's, 800 setup. Not a bad little unit, although some of the notes in the effects section stuck, and took me a while to realise. so if you notice that dont judge me!! hope you all enjoy Backroom Reality Tech House Easter Set 2010 Mixed By Drapey 1. Kaiserdisco - Amalfino 2. Ramon Tapia - Colorz (Super Flu Remix) 3. Stimming - Melodica 4. Kaiser Souzai - Hurry Caine (Ramon Tapia Remix) 5. Heinrichs & Hirtenfellner - Brother's 6. Florian Hasse - Rollerboogie 7. Cardo & Elia - Blacklace (Mario Miranda Remix) 8. Per Hammar - Bang 9. Anja Schneider - Amore 10.Massive Attack - Paradise Circus (Gui Boratto Remix) 11.Gui Boratto - The Glam
  6. thanks for the comment mate, yeh those pan flutes were a bit dif but we thought they would make the track a bit dif from the rest of the genre. Would love you to do a remix, if you give me an email or something ill upload parts onto the net, just let me know what you want... drums bass synth???all??
  7. new track we finished today.... so far so good... we think http://player.soundcloud.com/player.swf?track=backroom-reality-thermal-clip let us know what your thoughts are... and does anyone maybe want to do a remix for an ep??
  8. thanks for the comment! def a club track to be mixed in, listened to for the two drops, then back out... nothing too elaborate!
  9. http://player.soundcloud.com/player.swf?track=backroom-reality-flap-hat This is a new group im workin with. Just a few friends involved throwing some sounds around in our little bedroom studio. constructive criticism please, anything can help
  10. well its on the sound punk server. but see if this workshttp://www.soundpunk.com/downloads/public/sets_and_mixes/Drapey%27s%20February%20Techno%20Promo%202010.mp3 just right click and save. thanks for the comments everyone. Makes me want to make another right now... hmmmm interesting
  11. oh now that would be fun!!! would lvoe to smash out a SP party. melbs or sydney or... brissy though? surely melbourne! let me know what you think of the mix. cheers CT
  12. Been a long time since i have posted anything at all... somethings a lil off but oh well....here goes nothing... [mp3=400,30,0,center]http://www.soundpunk.com/downloads/public/sets_and_mixes/Drapey's February Techno Promo 2010.mp3[/mp3] Techno Promo Feb 2010 - Mixed by Drapey 1. Kiko - Dude People 2. Harvey McKay - 69 3. Oliver Koletzki - Requiem Fur Die Vernunft (Lutzenkirchen Remix) 4. Hypertic - Less Ket More Success 5. Spektre - Kraken (Extended Mix) 6. Levan - Fedex (Subfractal Remix) 7. Roman Gertz - Happy Time (Max Bett Remix) 8. Spektre - Hyena 9. Dyno - Gratta (Dandi & Ugo Remix) 10.Julian Jeweil - Error 11.Mario Miranda - Cake (Glitter Remix) 12.Alex Kenji - Do What You Like 13.Kanio - Techno Tourettes 14.Rohrer - Lalaland 15.Max Bett - Bus 755
  13. would never have thought to sidechain a hpf over the bass. Very handy tip! I'm always just chaining the volume, and i get sick of doing it religiously. But it is very addictive.
  14. love that sub bass at the moment? haha i love it! let it rumble woooo!
  15. liked the whole techno beat, up until that synth came in. It's a little too harsh for me. I don't think it really fits in. Personal opinion though! loved the airy sound that came in over the top of it though very nice. The delayed little bells or whatever they are are sweet too! good tune overall, just maybe change up that synth?