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  1. Hey people, I just made this tutorial video with some basic workflow tips for using Native Instruments Maschine as a plugin within Ableton Live. This tutorial covers: -Using Maschine as a plugin, and syncing with live WITHOUT using scene change messages -Project organisation, using locators -Assigning keyboard shortcuts If anyone has questions just ask. I'm not always good at explaining myself clearly, but hopefully it'll be useful to some people. Sorry about the dodgy camera work. To listen to the whole tune go here: It's a brand new remix of Sydney lads Jackie Onassis, future beats styles. Follow me on Facebook or Twitter, I'll be posting up some free samples and maybe some more tutorials soon.
  2. Yeah sure. Where exactly should I post it?
  3. This might interest a few of you, it's a tutorial I wrote a little while back for controlling MIDI from a Wiimote. It's written very step-by-step, so it's a little long but you can skip through and get the idea pretty quick. It's using free software for Windows called GlovePIE, which is really powerful and you can use it for a lot more stuff than just Wiimotes and MIDI, it's worth a look if you are interested in hacking your own controller together or making complex macros.
  4. Hey people, A couple of weeks ago I released my EP Battery Brain through It's a mainly chilled trip out journey; beats, bass & space. Best soaked up through some headphones whilst in your favourite state of mind. It's a pay what you want release (including $0) through bandcamp, so just go and download and enjoy. Or buy me a drink. A little taster...
  5. A disgusting slow jam with some heavy hoover action. Those who just came for the chunder will not be disappointed.
  6. Thanks for checkin it out, glad you're liking it. Liking the new site btw!
  7. Actually I'm not really sure what genre you'd call this, but I'd love some suggestions. I was pretty happy with the mix on this one, would love some criticism. Tried out the Glue VST compressor on the master bus, was very impressed.
  8. I came across these, there's a few different ones: Haven't tried them though so not sure how good they are.
  9. ^^^ Yeah I'd say sync between a really long audio sample and a midi track would get sloppy. The MPC1000 with JJOS would be a pretty good option for what you want. I use it for exactly what you suggested, songs cut up into loop sections and midi sequences triggering synths. JJOS features audio tracks which are pretty handy for this. The only problem I run into is the 128mb limit for samples, which you can fill up quickly when using lots of long audio samples. I’ve been forced to load a new project half way through my sets and cover it up by playing synth for a while. But in your case, you could trigger stuff off the 404 as well and you’d have ample space. If you've got any other Qs I'm happy to help.
  10. Love that vid, Herbie is the man.
  11. My DS-10 EP, released on Kittenock. Been getting great response so far, let me know what you think! Download here:
  13. I've got my track feature on this week. Made entirely on a Nintendo DS running Korg DS-10. For lovers of bold synth sounds, minimal and raw. Head over and check it out, let me know what you think!
  14. ^^^ check this out This is what I use, it's free to try, and it will do everything you need.