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  1. Sounds like a brilliant move mate! Good luck with everything! I made the same move in Sept last year, travelled South America then arrived in London 2 weeks ago. Be prepared for the start of winter when you arrive though!
  2. I think the real story here is how a weakening currency (deliberate or not) affects the economy of all the countries you export to. Normally it’s not so direct but im sure the music industry isn’t the only one affected this way. No warranty? Buy two!
  3. Yeah they were screenshots... Not sure what happened to the links. The shots are on a harddrive at home (12000kms away). Maybe next year .
  4. Hi punks! I left Avid about 4 months ago. My wife and I are travelling the world for a while. Im looking foward to getting back to the studio in a year or so so will be back on the forum then. Until then! Peace Jon, Glad I could help last time. I suggest searching the Avid website and the DUC for answers, use really basic search terms like only "6086" if you want info on the 6086 error. If you have no luck just post on the DUC. Make sure you search well before posting though cause the creative people in our industry tend to lose their s#[email protected] at you if the question has already been answered elsewhere. Audio forums are loveless (with the exception of this one ). Good luck mate!
  5. "Daft Punk after making some bad life choices"
  6. Update - Pro Tools 8 has a button in the Colour Pallet that does this. No need to hold "Apple + Command + Option" any more.
  7. They are really nice. The SBX10 is probably a bit excessive as the DSM3s go very low. I just upgraded from DSM1s so I can't really compare them much except slightly better stereo imaging and extended bass. I haven't mixed a track on them yet, that'll be the test!
  8. Received this delivery of M-Audio gear last week. Call me a company man if you will... Pair of DSM3s SBX10 Sputnik - Condenser mic with tube pre) Aries - Condenser mic for those stage-born vocalists
  9. Im not sure how these guys got my email to send this to me... and I haven't used the plug yet so I don't know how it sounds... but its free
  10. Im using the Korg Nano with it as the whole 8 step continuous controller thing isn't continuous enough for my kind of music. The Korg box helps a lot even though I only use a few faders on it. It doesn't look as good as the Nocturn sitting next to the LaunchPad though... to wide!
  11. This guys has been pretty helpful to me!
  12. Speculation from a couple on guys who have far more industry experience than myself... Personally I would love an Artist series desk integrated with (and supported by) Pro Tools. They are really well built and MUCH sexier than my Command|8 ???
  13. Press release here: Thoughts? Could be good things to come from this for Pro Tools and Media Composer users.
  14. This was answered recently on a blog I frequent. However it doesn't allow you to use RTAS plug-ins. A better option would be to print stems to audio tracks within Pro Tools then export them as shown in this link. Here is an article about printing to an audio track within Pro Tools. The example is for a master mix but you can use the same method to create stems.
  15. The MBox driver isn't in the 8.0.3 Standalone Core Audio Driver installer. Im interested why it works in FCP! Does FCP have an audio interface preference page where you need to select the MBox? Sorry im not familiar with it. If so, what does the selection for the MBox say exactly? As far as im aware there is no way to use the Core Audio Driver with the original MBox on Snow Leopard. For the record... 8.0.3 Standalone Core Audio Driver for Mac 10.5, 10.6 (does not support original MBox)