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  1. Awesome! thanks for the reply. How we do it now is the SP404 can do very long long audio sample playback so we just mix the backing and play synths and live drums and vocals over the top, so no 'real' live sequencing is happening... hence why I want to run a long synced midi track to the audio clip to have the lights matched to different sections and breakdowns and so forth. I have been thinking about restructuring this though into one box and breaking each song up into its loop sections and sequencing live... could be fun, would make it easier to do the lights also as you suggested... Which would swing it to an MPC kind of option.... Hrmmmm
  2. For our live show I currently use a SP-404 to run backing tracks and so forth. I am currently setting up to Automated lights that sync to the music for some added radness during the set. I am purchasing one of these to convert a midi sequence to DMX to control a few LED RGB par 64 equiv lamps. SO I need one long midi out sequence to control the lights for typically around 15 minutes at a time. I dont want to use a laptop as I hate using them live, so am looking at different sampler sequencer options for the midi track... I am happy to keep using the SP-404 as the main sampler and trigger the backing samples via the midi sequqncer.... but would like to be able to play some single hits live aswell from the master controller as the SP404 is out of reach next to the drummer. I was thinking an MPC but it sounds limited to the midi sequence lengths SP555, MC909/505, RS7K, MPC? thoughts? Should I suck it up and use the laptop :|
  3. hard to reliably hit a pad on one with a drum stick is my only concern, wouled be a tad bad if he wanged on the wrong backing to a song we were halfway through
  4. I am about to start a new project for our live setup which i cant seem to find in any product on the market.. What I need: I need the drummer to be able to punch in a backing whilst drumming, ie he hits a pad of some description and it sends a specific midi note to a sampler where the backing is triggered. It is mainly to get a more seamless live triggering of backings. I need him to be able to switch which note the pad sends to play different backings in the sampler.. i would like it to be only one pad rather than the usual 6x2 sp drums pad ranges and so forth. I need a little numeric keypad/pot to change the note output and some way of knowing which note it has been set to via a screen or some such. What I'm thinking of doing: I am thinking of buying a drum pad from an existing electronic drum kit as they would be nice and robust and up to the task, just looking to get a single function unit such as a yamaha tp65 tom controller. I will need to build a black box with the brains to be able to take the piezo signal and route it to a midi note of choice. I dont know (or havent found yet) of any midi kits on the market that can do this off the shelf, there are tonnes of controller boards but none have easy editing capabilities as they are fit and forget units. Does anybody know of any kits that would come close to what im looking at achieving? it sound simple enough... ha anyways, I am very open to suggestion on this one so if anybody has any ideas of how/what I could use/doctor/modify to do what i need i would love to hear them! Cheers, lach
  5. ha, rang logitronics and you know your're in trouble he says... 'that sounds fucked'.... reckons it could be a broken board so prognosis negative thus far! No chance of getting it before the weekend, time to activate plab B! got the mille yet?
  6. PANIC! We run a motif es as the backbone of our live rig, and we have a rather important gig on the weekend... alas, the workstation has decided to arse itself and not work as a workstation should.. there are a few navigation buttons on the synth and when pressed they no longer do the navigation thing but instead jump you to a different section, postcode, country... you name it in the keyboard. It does jump you to the same one each time the button is pressed depending on where you were to begin with.. so I am assuming the thing just needs a cleanout or some such as the contacts must be shorting.. I hope. My question is, has anyone ever used metropolitan organ service in keysborough? they are listed as a yamaha agent and it is close to my work which would make things much easier. I have heard a lot about logitronics in the past for servicing but will be a hassle this week to get over there.. and....... will we get it back before the weekend? PANIC!
  7. Also, if anyone has any recommendations for people for us, that would also be much appreciated! Cheers
  8. Sup punks! We are in a bit of a pickle... We have had one of our songs optioned for a myers commercial and we may be needing some mastering over the next couple of days. We have had to vary the lyrics and will be re-recording the lyrics on boxing day, but will need to have a master done on the track on the sunday or at the latest the monday! If someone is interested and knows what they are doing to master a track for TV and what not please get in contact with me asap if you are interested and have the time, pretty shit time of year for it all, but its for their new years sales apparently, and need it right now! haha you can hear the track called 'numbers' on our myspace at, the version up their isnt mastered either. it has just had a dodgy one done by me so far. The other reason for mastering is it will be put on iTunes and what not for the campaign.. so yeah, if anyone is interested, please get in touch with me on [email protected] or send me a PM through sound punk I am based in richmond in melbourne so if there is anyone close by that would make it all muchos easier Cheers lachie
  9. Howdy, Anyone got any advice on the cheaper end in ear monitor systems? We are looking at getting a wireless transmitter and a couple of receivers for performance, and have spied some of the sub $500 systems on ebay such as.. and has anyone had any experience with these systems, or similar systems? are these cheap for a reason? There is also the ashton in ear system occasionally on egay and they go for around the 300 mark... I would have though that a UHF transmitter/receiver system would be fairly standard and of course the headphones being the main variable in the system? Any info would be muchos appreciated! Cheers
  10. I wish this was for real! haha
  11. Got one of these from NovaMusik for 99 bucks! woop, its going to be the keys and stuff for a new keytar im building, wireless FTW! and snagged one of these also, using it for backings and for capturing other random stuff
  12. yeah live elements go direct to FOH, dont particularly want to mix it in the computer as I would rather run the backings from the SP404, dont like computers live so much as its the backbone of the whole operation! so yeah, if thats the case, should the backings leave headroom for other instruments in the mix, or should they be right up on 0db?
  13. So, We do our live show with a certain portion recorded and played back either through a sampler or from a laptop. We have live vocals and I play synths and we also have a live drummer who plays over a kick drum in the backings and adds percs and what not. Now, when mastering the full recorded track everything fits right, but since the backing only has a kick, bass, lead depending on the song, should I leave headroom in the track to allow for space from the drums and vocals and what not.. or just get the backing track up loud and around 0db and let the sound guy do the mixing? at the moment the backing has at least 3db of head room before peaking (not even sure if thats correct terminology), but people have said its a little quiet at times.. This is a totally new foray for us, so any thoughts would be much appreciated:) Cheers. lach
  14. dont worry, second announced!