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  1. yeah i have tried both, i think it is prob my sound card ( i hope ) the noise is so annoying tho i want to stab my monitors... any good recomendations for a new sound card ? dont really need that many outs, but i may want to start recording vocals and some other external decives.... do they come with midi ports now ? thnx all for the warm welcome and i look forward to sharing tips music with you all in the future .. ,
  2. to fill you in and also a warning for anyone doing what i did, 8 years ago i was living in NYC ( now in London ) before i moved back i decided to buy most of my studio there and ship it back... blah blah, fast fwd to 2008 and i have been inspired to make beats again, only to my horror that my Mackie Hr824s didnt work.. arrgh had to send them to a specialist Mackie dealer who informed me i had blown the transformers in there, anyway to put 240v transformers in them both plus the labour cost me a tidy 335 pounds.. so just be warned when trying to cut corners... my stupidity i guess.. so now i have them back, i have a new pimped out PC and im ready to roll, but one problem, i get this really hi pitched like mosquito hi signal coming out of my mackies when my DAW is running, if i put my laptop thru my desk it is fine and no feed back.. i have a lame M-audio usb soundcard till i get some money, is that the reason ? anyway its pissing me off.. sorry if the above doesnt make much sense doing two things at once.. :cans: EDIT: Added specific title for easy browsing/searching of forum. And welcome, mkaudio!