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  1. whats this? sp server? do tell ... for those of you not privvy to such info i usually find a good source for acapellas!
  2. yeah guys thanks again - tried itm but i will look no further than this site in the future!!! one of you nice fellows even emailed me a copy of the manual!! thanks again to everyone who tried to give me some help - i'm sure i'll be pestering you guys again in the near future for something.. d
  3. mate you are a legend - thanks very much! so you have a copy of the manual then? would love to get a look at that!!!
  4. ? bit confused by the last post... i'll get stuck in and let you know! thanks mate!
  5. also, the mute in on the faxtfx mutes the incoming sample, therefore no sound-mangling is produced... & muting the output on the fastfx just mutes the output signal - no sound again!
  6. yeah it kinda hard to explain too but thanks for trying anyway.. yeah its a midi instrument (which means i cant drop it on an audio track) in which you call up a sample & then start mangling it... so if the loop needs to be present in order to mangle it does that mean there is no way of separating the two then ? i wanted to produce some mad fills or variations of my synth line, but dont want the original loop to be present if ya know what i mean?
  7. thanks a million for the responses guys.. i'm really struggling with the routing at the moment.. so i find to run the fast fx i drop it on a midi channel, select a sample to run in the fast fx, send the audio of this channel to an audio track (and then arm it) and only then can i hear (and record) the sounds being generated by the fast fx.. as i said i am struggling with the routing & i cant hear anything in the audio track unless i arm it - is this correct? i will definitely try it out this evening when i get home.. it does produce some crazy sounds so happy to show you guys the results once i have something for you!
  8. i see.. thanks mate! any suggestions would be appreciated!
  9. whats aborage??
  10. thanks mate - the interface looks like this :
  11. thanks mate, i'm running live 6..
  12. Hi all and let me state again how much I enjoy this site! Hopefully one of you guys will be able to give me some advice? I'm using a sound mangler to create some variations and fills on my lead lines, beats, etc - I load a loop into the instrument (native instruments fast fx) and while it does produce some weird and whacky sounds based on the loop, the original loop is still present in the background - there doesn’t seem to be anything allowing me to spit out just the 100% wet signal. Is there some clever routing technique I can use to do this or am i missing something? thanks!
  13. Thanks mate, I checked out the glitch last night – seems to be an awesome tool for beats n stuff but I don’t imagine it would morph a lead line similar to the way fast fx does… I’ll d/l tonight and let ya know how I go! Any other suggestions?
  14. Hi guys – I have recently discovered this site and I have to say it’s been an inspiration... This is my first post on here too so please be gentle! On the video, d uses Fast fx to mangle his lead line and come up with some interesting variations to use as fills, etc. I’ve looked this up and it seems you have to reactor to run this particular instrument – does anyone know of a particular vst that may do something similar? I don’t wanna shell out $600 just for this effect.. The sounds and variations he’s getting just by throwing in an audio file sound great with this fast fx vst Thanks in advance! d