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  1. been using this for the last week or so - holy crap, what a fantastic synth. awesome sound and so different from anything else I've used. even random tweaking yields good results. cheap as too.. highly recommended!
  2. nice work once again! i still play your last 2 mixes when i'm in the mood for some minimal/tech :cans:
  3. hmm maybe.. but violin samples won't satisfy most peoples natural urges :
  4. ^^ haha i'm screwed too - exceeded my monthly download quota so i'm basically stuck at dialup speeds! :'(
  5. good idea, but its too late i'm afraid, the offer expired on jan 1st... ah well!
  6. Holy crap this looks like a lot of fun... Dynamic Phrase Synthesizer/Loop Recorder Announcing the KAOSSILATOR PRO – a supercharged version of the palm-sized KAOSSILATOR, reborn as a powerful track-making tool and loaded with live performance power. As a trailblazer among the "instrumental gadgets" that allowed anyone to easily create melodies and phrases, the KAOSSILATOR gained a strong and dedicated user base, even among those without any performing experience. Today, the KAOSSILATOR continues to be enormously popular. Retaining these revolutionary features – while adding a wide variety of new ones as well – is the new KAOSSILATOR PRO. With 200 sound programs, a new Electribe-inspired gate arpeggiator, and four loop recording banks that can even record external audio sources, the KAOSSILATOR PRO is packed with features that make it ideal for both live performance and premium productions. In addition, USB connectivity with your computer and SD card memory storage allow the KAOSSILATOR PRO to be used not just for improvised performances, but also as a superbly intuitive, track-making music production tool. Main features * KAOSS X-Y touchpad offers intuitive, realtime control * 200 sounds covering modern synth sounds such as lead and bass, and diverse acoustic sounds from piano to trumpet and beyond * PCM samples provide dramatic drum kits and ready to rock percussion patterns * Vocoder programs deliver scintillating vocal effects * Access up to eight of your favorite sounds instantly using the assignable Program Memory buttons * Loop Recording can layer both internal Program sounds and external audio overdubs * Four Loop Record Banks each allow up to four measures of loop recording, with easy muting that allows expressive realtime layering and DJ-Style re-mixing – ideal for live performance. * Gate Arpeggiator repeatedly triggers sounds in sync with the tempo. The slider controls either the gate time or gate speed. * Choose a key and select one of 31 musical scales to easily create musical phrases. Limit the X-Y pad's note range for even more control * Loop data, user settings and Program Memories can be stored on SD card * Dedicated software lets you manage loop data, MIDI assignments, and user settings from your computer * Performs double-duty as a MIDI controller for external equipment or software applications More here - :cans:
  7. Hasn't been many track posts lately! Here's my 2010 kick-off track... Any comments appreciated as always.
  8. so.... how'd it go???
  9. I agree, its a top idea. As niktu said the quality and reliability of the information here compared to the other 'top' forums is awesome. I've soaked up a lot of knowledge at SP so I'd definitely make an effort to contribute in any way I could. Maybe you could set up basic Wiki functionality, e.g. anyone with 100+ posts could make additions (or corrections if necessary) to the content posted on the main site, thus improving on the quality of the material...
  10. This is a very cool tutorial. So clever the way he used those samples in the original. eU5Dn-WaElI
  11. This is by far the coolest thing i've seen in ages (sorry couldn't figure out how to embed it) Embed Fixed: LFybwg4wadI (To embed, simply hit the icon, then stick everything after the '=' button between the tags. Actually, crap, it's not working for me either. Spectrum)
  12. Massive congrats ehsan! Thats huge. I'm sure you'll rip it up. Almost bought tix to Shorething this year as well, bit bummed now that I changed my mind and bought for another event...
  13. nice idea on the velcro. i've actually reversed them now so the nocturn sits at the top, after jamming on them a while it def feels better that way. one comment i will make is i can't imagine relying on the LP for volume/mixer tweaks in a live show. its too clunky to flip to the mixer page and press buttons to control fades. its nice to have just in case, but i'd rather a korg nano or something to take care of that.
  14. hey fuzz, i just got one of these the other day to replace my firebox. i did a heap of research, but a few reasons i went for it: - some of the best preamps for the price range - and they do sound fantastic. the ad/da conversion is obviously quite good as well, a noticeable improvement in sound quality over my firebox. - the onboard dsp powers an EQ, compressor and a comfort reverb for tracking. this was a key thing for me as i do a fair bit of vocal recording. the eq and compressor can be recorded or bypassed on the actual recording. their quality is actually pretty good to my ears. - the VRM, which is really handy for me as i often have to use headphones. i've tried it and it definitely gives you a better perception of the stereo field. its not something i'd rely on all the time but its really nice to have. - its very portable, can be bus powered, but is expandable, with the optical out allowing for another 8 channel pre amp. - 2 headphone sockets is nice. one thing i will say, and its the same point made in the soundonsound review - i'm getting a fair amount of latency with it. slightly more than my firebox. it hasn't been a real issue for me yet as its not noticeable with soft synths (as i'm not a virtuoso player) and for vocals i just run logic in low latency mode and use the dsp effects on the saffire to track, but it could end up be annoying for tapping in drum patterns on a midi controller, etc. having said that if you have a fast enough computer you could just reduce the i/o buffer size. the TC 24D is definitely a good option as well, it was a hard decision between those two and the profire, i think i would have been reasonably happy with any of those 3 because no matter which you choose, none of them will be perfect, they'd all have their own quirks. You really just need to weigh up how you'll be using it and what features you'll need. anyway, hope that helps you're decision. and welcome to SP! :cans:
  15. if anyone wants one, mine is on ebay, auction's bout to end and its still going very cheap!!!!