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  1. One i just finished today and felt like sharing.. dark and driving in parts. abstract n melodic. Takes a few different turns here and there, makes its way through various progressions before resolving. Let me know how you think the percussion goes, or something! All words appreciated.. http://player.soundcloud.com/player.swf?track=locked-louvre-original-mix
  2. Yeah, the novelty of the melody's sound has worn off a bit for me too, glad you liked the perc related aspects though!! cheers. back to the lab for now..
  3. Title: Flower Plower Artist: Jule D Description: Recently written tech housey tune with some nice ambient chords to drift away on. Interested in any feedback you guys might have. Cheers ;D http://player.soundcloud.com/player.swf?track=flower-plower
  4. Extremely funky. Such class with those little stabs and the way you play with the perc is very nice.. Love the ambient chords layered throughout, nice resolution and a giving ending. very inspiring, cheers.
  5. Title: Ornamental Blues Artist: Jule D Description: Something i finished this evening and already a personal favorite. Quite on the minimal tip at first through gets quite busy on the glitchy sounds and hats towards the middle. A few different melodies and rhythmic patterns in there to keep most ears accustomed to this kind of music interested. Very interested in any feedback, cheers.. http://player.soundcloud.com/player.swf?track=ornamental-blues
  6. Description: Pretty clean, solid track i finished this evening, after having listened to a lot of swedish techno and the like..lemme know what you think. :cans: http://player.soundcloud.com/player.swf?track=becoming-lucid
  7. Thats the kinda thing i was going for ;D Glad it had that effect on you! Its not compressed, so im sure that makes a difference..aaaand the microphone im using is, well, that little hole on my laptop =P I didnt get around to EQing things properly yet. Was actually thinking of adding more delay as well.. But thanks, for that insight, will take it all into consideration. Very glad ya'll like the overall manner of this track Its the reason i do this stuff for! Cheers.
  8. Cheers dude! Thats something i can and will do. Thanks for listenin'
  9. Title: Alive and, well... Artist: Jules David Description: Remains quite minimal for the beginning but gets a bit busier towards end of track. Contains me on vocals - which if you listen to around 2:30 you'll hear rather blatantly..contains various percussive builds but really goes for it toward the end, as mentioned.. Not sure if the mastering is up to par, but sounds ok to my ears. let me know if theres anything in that department needing le fix. Stream / Download [mp3=200,20,0,center]http://www.soundpunk.com/downloads/public/tunes_and_tracks/alive and, well....mp3[/mp3]
  10. Very much liking your choice of chords, the beat and percussion build very nicely. Were you thinking of putting vocals over it at all..? Would compliment that melody very nicely, IMO. Solid
  11. Awesome ^_- . Thanks for that. As with most of my tracks, i'm aware that the mastering isn't great, so letting me know what can be tweaked is very nice...cheers
  12. Cool, glad there were some parts you liked..i guess stretched out progressions don't work for all, and i'm not all too savvy on the mastering tip..(no moniters o.O). Only using a shoddy reverb at the moment. i appreciate you listening! Thanks.
  13. Title: Paradox of Kitsch Artist: Jules David Description: A 120bpm percussive and progressive romp clocking in at around 7.45 minutes..also comes with its very own melodic breakdown, though nothing too barbaric. I'm interested in any comments anyone may have on whether or not this may be considered a piece of legitimate art ;D... or whether it makes you want to shake ya rump.. or not..etc. I will be appreciative Stream / Download [mp3=200,20,0,center]http://www.soundpunk.com/downloads/public/tunes_and_tracks/where.mp3[/mp3]
  14. Indeed! I appreciate any and all feedback ;D
  15. This is very much up my alley! And Another acid line would work great, maybe something to up the intensity.