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  1. ive started a new track and was looking for a bit of feedback. basically spent a good night on it, but wondering whether the vocals and 303 suits the track, though the 303 hasnt been tweaked yet. the bass still needs a bit of controlling too and a bit more automation. Vermona drm1, atc1, se1, matrix 1000, d16, absynth and lots of roland space echo http://soundcloud.com/lowkey-nude/ultrafine-vocal-mix-work-in-progress My link thanks for any feedback...um how do i directly insert soundcloud?
  2. tuning is for the weak...best track eva!!
  3. im pretty sure mine uploaded at 9pm that night. it wasnt till i read a few posts that there was some confusion. but i didnt see anything saying it needed to be in before i went for breakfast! mines up here btw.
  4. alright...in with three hours to spare!! woohoo
  5. Hey, Its taken a while, but the lowkey+nude Landscape remix is just about done. Not sure how i embed Souncloud files :bang: But here's the link... cool
  6. want a deep house mix? send me the files...im off to visit a friend in Belfast and might get a chance to do something as its fcukin 12 degrees in the daytime there atm...i dont think ill be going outside too much!!
  7. Title:Post Valentine [vocal mix] Artist:lowkey+nude Description: another deep/mellow/girly kinda House track. Lots of midi gating and tremelo as inserts to crete the synth rhythms. Not quite sure about the vocal, but i think they fit. again, i dnt know how to embed the soundcloud player :-|, so here's a link http://soundcloud.com/lowkey-nude/post-valentine-vocal-mix /
  8. sounds cool. reminds me of stuff on Ambient cut outs vol1 by Trax Beyond Subconscious. +1 on the acid line...nice Joey Beltram AONOX vibe, could maybe bite a little more at the peak.
  9. Title:Valentine Artist:lowkey+nude Description: elektric piano house. has been a real bastard to mix. the epiano has been killing me for about a month, but i think ive got it sitting in there ok? i have also chucked in a fair bit of parallel compression on the master bus...is it too much? not sure how to load into player, but the track is here on Soundcloud
  10. sounds great Ehsan the bassline reminds me of something on an old Underground Resistance record by X101... go Detroit
  11. great spaciousness ehsan 8)
  12. um, im new round here. how do i post an mp3? do i need to host it somewhere and link ti it or can i u/l the file directly from my computer?
  13. hi im new here, but a few know me as part of lowkey+nude...not the nude half
  14. i got this last week