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  1. thanks for the powercore niktu - working perfectly!
  2. great track btw! lovin the sesame street bit this guy posts on inthemix and said he charges $110 per track: http://www.sonamax.com.au/ go pro - you've got a huge opportunity on your hands
  3. hmmmmm... interested in the powercore ... how much are you looking for?
  4. do somethng awesome with the buzzing sound
  5. get a maton - awesome sounding guitars made in australia you could probably get an entry level one second hand for the money you want to spend edit: an entry level maton is way better than most guitars out there
  6. great feedback - thank you!!!!
  7. feedback appreciated [mp3=400,30,0,center]http://www.soundpunk.com/downloads/public/tunes_and_tracks/Run.mp3[/mp3]
  8. i received an sh2 in the post on friday
  9. nice tune, particularly like the cold cut type chainsaw sound that comes in at 1.45
  10. its a 5 and no i didn't get the mpg 80 had a go at programming it last night, it wasn't so bad (i should mention that my first synth was a poly 800 so i don't mind not having a knob per parameter), you've just got to know what kind of sound you want before you begin rusty is a generous fellow alright - he toild me you borrowed it the first day he got it - i don't think he would have let you have it if he'd played it for a while!
  11. http://www.vintagesynth.com/roland/images/roland_mks80.jpg oh yes ... analog poly
  12. you musta got it with out the midi or the extra memory options?
  13. Inflatable Dartboard Wheelchair with pedals Waterproof Teabags Helicopter with an ejector seat etc ...
  14. by lofi i mean reduce the bit rate of the samples so they sound a bit 'crunchier' and yes i thought it sounded better one octave lower - but thats just one guy's opinion
  15. Awesome noises in there - reminds me wipeout 2097 this track is definitely your best so far, very impressive i think spectrums drumming is not crazed enough to keep up with the onslaught, although once he gets going he does a good job, the sounds used are far too acoustic sounding