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  1. Yeah it's just a 2.4GHz Quad-core PC. I was under the impression that it needed audio on each track to fully test the system but apparently not. Still sounds interesting anywho. I'm not too sure what she was saying in the original track...something about geisha's dress I pressume...that's what I'd sing about if I were Japanese...which I'm not....yet.
  2. Ok so I just did the whole Dverb test to see what my comp could handle and got to 240 and then decided to press play! At first I found the sound to completely annoying but when it got into the middle I was fully into it. So I thought I would share a sample of a Dverb test audio with you all in case you were wondering how audible 240 Dverbs can be. ps. To make it more inaudible the original audio was actually a traditional Japanese vocal I recorded last year! [mp3=400,30,0,center][/mp3] Edit: hmmm...showing up in preview but not post. Oh well here's the link 1st attempt: Test.mp3 2nd attempt: 3rd attempt: EDIT: Fixed file name and links. Yep, you need to upload with no 'spaces' in the file name. EDIT2: Wait, player still not showing up. Hmmm... can't fault the code.... very strange. EDIT3: Yeah, there's an extra // in the link, that's how it 'hotlinked' for me from the File Manager. Edited again, still not working. :bang:
  3. Hey punks just putting it out there in case you see anything. A good mate of mine got all of her gear stolen out of the back of her car yesterday. It was in Doncaster (Melb) so if anyone happens to see a Seagull folk acoustic with a clear scratch-plate and a sticker type thing on it that says rock our socks or a Fender Passport (P.A.) with a Jessica Paige sticker on it pop up in a pawn shop or on ebay it would be awesome if you could let me know on here.] It wasn't mine but I can certainly feel her pain of losing a guitar or any gear. Cheers guys!
  4. Cool nice rig Patti! How often do you use the delay with the bass?
  5. I get what you mean RB. It happens on my browser as well (IE 7 PC). The 'home' drop down menu pops down but when you try to select one of the options, the menu disappears unless you move around the RSS button (which alligns with the 'help' option)
  6. Hi Cheyne I really like your new site mate, No problems on my setup. The menus up the top are pretty spiffy too. The 'shop' drop-down menu just drops down half a blank box but other than that its really cool! :clap:
  7. Hi Avid are you using an external harddrive or playing the session directly from the DVD drive? I only just had this problem two days ago when I forgot to drag the files from the DVD onto the computer's harddrive :-[ If you go to it says that Pro Tools DAE error 9131 is the same thing: "Double check that the Session has been copied onto a valid Playback hard drive before opening it and attempting playback. On one occasion, trying to play back the Pro Tools session after opening it from the CD-ROM resulted in DAE Error -9131. " A few people have had trouble on here trying to read a session from an external harddrive. It's probably best to drag the files into a folder on your computer. Hope that helps.
  8. Here's some more gold 4 your list: Some really cool synth/sampler/drum/instrument vst's! Over 100 really cool FX vst's:
  9. I'd agree with u if I knew what u meant.
  10. Mad idea sinik! Totally unique sounds made up of otherwise meaningless audio but it still has a massively phat riff in it! This would've taken a shitload of work! It's the kind of track I could see myself making out with broken glass to! I would look like this :-X
  11. Wicked track M-Trizzle. It's intense yet kind of chilled back. Lovin' the 'verb! How did you do the volume tremolo effect around '235'? Was as simple as volume automation or did you trigger/side-chain or something like that?
  12. Man this is the most inspirational thread on SP. Really cool advice, thanks guys! I need to hear that hand-clap solo RB! Sounds wicked :cans:. Is it on the net?
  13. Yeah I like the whole firewire 800 being a part of the new tech but they still need to give us the option to use our firewire 400 hardwares. Pretty expensive @ $3,439 with only 2 USB and f.w.800, bloody MAC! (i still kinda want one tho ;D)
  14. :'( Hmmm still a cool program. A bit pricey for a spectrum analyser IMO but I'm not working as a professional mastering engineer or anything yet so I guess it's a little overkill for now. A pity because it looks like a great in-depth piece of software, I may have to give it a trial anyway! 8)
  15. Yeah it's for all us tight-arses with standards ;D