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  1. Hi i got protools 7.3cs6 with an mbox2 mini running on windows xp. im trying to use a behringer umx61 usb controller I cant get my midi tracks to trigger from the keyboard. when i go to midi studio setup my keyboard is not on the default list of devices usb in and out can be selected for input output. which i do but no action. if i click the pianoroll with my mouse the midi device triggers fine and it makes a sound. its strange, reason works beautifully via rewire with that same keyboard. is there something obvious im not doing?
  2. hi man, I have a pair of behringer pencils, the sound passes for my taste but i dont know about live (not sayin no go - just dont know coz i never used em live) theyre pretty sensitive. When im recording in my room and someone in the house closes a door its on the recording. even if i dont hear it when it happens. so spill would probably be crazy.
  3. hi, I'm after an affordable starter drum mic kit and came across this CAD package for 300 on ebay. link here anyone used these before? is it a good/bad buy? theyll do what i want just wondering if there's any snags anyone knows about. any info would be apreciated. thankyou
  4. according to a friend I was chattin to it occures will all antialiasing filters. when the top end is rolled off a barely noticable bump occures up around 20k. he didnt know what caused it but assured me it was definitly there with any antialiasing filter. has something to do with the rate of roll off, he said that its why they make sampling rates above 44.1k so that they could have a more gradual roll off and reduce this boost effect. i am wondering what causes it. havin trouble finding info on it on the net. I think ur idea about a boosted band spilling below the cutoff sounds like a pretty good possible explanation
  5. I tried using a firewire harddrive and had issues with it not workin too. in windows pro tools would crash and did not like having to read from the drive even though it should have be fine, i never paid attention to the error numbers coz i heard the drive struggling. when i use it on a mac it says that the drive is set to transfer only. i imagine there is an option in the mac os somewhere to change its preferences. that might be worth having a look at. thats all i got on it. i just transfer my files over.
  6. what causes the high end frequency boost which occures when an antialiasing filter is applied?
  7. I've got an annoying problem. my console seems to have frozen. every single light is on, none of the buttons work, i get no sound in or out, the firewire light is flashing even though it is not connected to the computer and turning it off and on does nothing to unfreeze it. really annoying, the manual and the tascam website have nothing useful. what I did before it shat itself: i disconnected the console i connected a firewire hard drive. i disconnected the hard drive reconnected the console turned the console on console stopped being recognized but behaved normally. i reinstalled the drivers for the console turned on console and every light was glowing(not normal) and now the bloody thing wont even work standalone, which it should. anyone used a fw1884? any ideas on what it might be? I really hope its not fried any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. thankyou
  8. Title: Beneath the veil Artist: The Mad Mirror Description: Chilled out Reason composition Stream / Download [mp3=200,20,0,center] the veil.mp3[/mp3]
  9. Hi ehsan, yeah I'm in melbourne.
  10. ok > edits the crap out A thrashed kitchen is awsome for samples but i guess thats obvious
  11. Hi man, I'm studying at SAE, whole bunch of great teachers there, enjoying every minute of it! thanks for the warm welcome guys
  12. Name: Kieran Age: 24 Location: Melbourne Australia Occupation: Student - audio engineering Fav types of music: anything good, no style preferences Equipment: tascam digital 8-track, cubase and reason How'd you find soundpunk? : suggested as a good reference by my lecturer Do you produce/DJ : I'm always on my computer Hi everyone, I started playin guitar when I was 14. Not long after that I discovered the coolest thing in the universe... you could get software to record music. I never got over it. spent years just hackin at it gettin some success... some disasters. mid last year I decided that I had to learn how to do this stuff properly and enroled in a sound engineering course. I still class myself as a newb. But I get better every day... coz i do it every day! I've already found some really cool stuff on this site, its a great resource. glad to have found it. Kezz