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  1. I also spotted this AKAI MPC app. for iphone looks awesome.
  2. yea i haven't used this yet but im real excited to muck around with it. NI stuff is usually really good, hopefully this is just as good.
  3. no worries, its helped me out heaps.
  4. This link has all the differing types of audio formats and their descriptions/uses.
  5. Been searching for more free VST's and i came across this. Here is the description and link to the downloads. Top FeaturesFree and intuitive sound module with 300 MB sound library Includes sounds of nearly all categories/kinds, ranging from synths to acoustic instruments to drums Sound library can be instantly expanded with KORE SOUNDPACKS via download KoreSound® Browser finds any sound by the desired musical characteristics Based on KORE 2, including the same NI sound engines*: KONTAKT, REAKTOR, MASSIVE, GUITAR RIG, FM8, ABSYNTH Consolidated user interface with unified operation for all sound engines 8 knobs and 8 buttons make complex tweaking actions a breeze Up to 8 sound variations per sound with unique sound morphing Automation and Total Recall in the audio host/sequencer Knobs and buttons can be controlled via any MIDI controller box InterfacesKORE PLAYER runs: Stand-alone, VST®, Audio Units™, RTAS® under Pro Tools 7™ System Requirements Mac OS X 10.4 / 10.5, G5 1.8 GHz or Intel Core Duo 1.66 GHz, 1 GB RAM Win XP / Vista (32 Bit), Pentium / Athlon 1.4 GHz, 1 GB RAM Additional Information*With KORE PLAYER the included sounds plus sounds from the KORE SOUNDPACKS can be used and tweaked via the KORE PLAYER interface. No access to the individual user interfaces of the included audio engines. This product needs a 32-bit compatible environment to operate under 64-bit versions of Windows XP/Vista. Chek It :cans:
  6. Practically every element of Ableton can be controlled through the keyboard, heres a quick list of useful commands Tab: Switches between horizontal and vertical arrangement views CTRL+1: Reduce time grid resolution CTRL+2: Enlarge time grid resolution CTRL+3: Toggles triplet mode on and off. CTRL+4: Disable grid, no snapping. CTRL+B: Switchs between pencil and pointer editing tools CTRL+D: Duplicate selected blocks CTRL+E: Splits midi/audio blocks CTRL+F: Follow play timeline CTRL+I: Insert silence CTRL+J: Joins to midi/audio blocks CTRL+K: Edit key map CTRL+L: Sets markers and loop around selected time CTRL+M: Edit midi map CTRL+R: Rename track CTRL+T: New audio channel CTRL+DEL: Delete only selected automation channel dots CTRL+S/X/C/V: Classic save, cut, copy and paste. CTRL+SHIFT+D: Duplicate selected time CTRL+SHIFT+T: New midi channel CTRL+SHIFT+R: Render loop CTRL+SHIFT+DEL: Delete selected time F1-F8: For live performance, mutes and unmutes the first 8 mixer channels F9: Record ON F11: Switch fullscreen F12: Switch between vst and fx and midi block panel This is the keyboard map of Ableton's Live v.6, The fluent use of this hotkeys represents the ultimate connection between the user and the software. The keyboard shortcuts to make your work easier and faster, vital for a quick use of the program. CTRL+1: Reduce time grid resolution. CTRL+2: Enlarge time grid resolution. CTRL+3: Toggles triplet mode on and off. CTRL+4: Disable grid, no snapping. CTRL+5: Disable grid zoom lock, no snapping. CTRL+B: Switchs between pencil and pointer editing tools. CTRL+D: Duplicate selected blocks. CTRL+E: Splits midi/audio blocks. CTRL+F: Follow play timeline. CTRL+I: Insert silence. CTRL+J: Consolidate midi/audio blocks. CTRL+K: Edit key map. CTRL+L: Sets markers and loop around selected time. CTRL+M: Edit midi map. CTRL+R: Rename track. CTRL+DEL: Delete only selected automation channel dots. CTRL+X,C,V,O,S,N,A: Cut, copy, paste, open, save, new, select all options. CTRL+ALT+C,V,X,D: Copy, paste, cut & duplicate envelope automation. CTRL+T: Insert new audio track. CTRL+SHIFT+T: Insert new midi track. CTRL+ALT+T: Insert new return track. CTRL+SHIFT+D: Duplicate selected time. CTRL+SHIFT+M: Create midi block in the selected area. CTRL+SHIFT+R: Render loop. CTRL+SHIFT+DEL: Delete selected time. F1/F8: mutes and unmutes mixer channels 1 to 8. F9: Record ON F11: Switch to fullscreen mode. F12: Switch between vst and fx and midi block panel.
  7. Awesome, i think that this type of interactive mobile phone apps. will be big bicky's as the technolgy evolves to be more accessable by more people. Interested to see what happens in the future
  8. The RjDj app. looks awesome megatroid, thanx for putting me on to it.
  9. Yeah, i had heaps of fun mucking around with it. If u ever get a chance to have to have a look do it, its just abit of good clean fun
  10. Shortcuts for Mac (7.0) Shortcuts for PC (7.0)
  11. Has anyone seen the iPhone app. called pocket guitar. Its crazy to muck around with and includes guitar like functions such as; vibrato when you shake the phone, different guitar sound patches and even alllows hammer-ons and "strumming" really interesting and heaps of fun if you get a chance to muck around with it, do it.
  12. hey all, last year at uni i did my major assignment for the year on Valve amplifcation versus Transistor amplification. Just wondering your thoughts on this topic are and what gear do people use and prefer? Thanx heaps :cans:
  13. Awsome, i was looking at the behringer 8 mic pre rack to optically connect to my 002 console. but im seriously thing about this one now. Cheers Mojoe
  14. Hi, i was thinking the other day about the drummer gog sofware and thought of something. Are we going to end up with a bunch of engineers in the future that can't record a quality drum sound because they dont need too? What are peoples thoughts on drummer gog as a program, and my thoughts on future recording engineers ? Cheers guys