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  1. Hey guys, Looking to sell my Waves Platinum Bundle. Just did the $240 WUP (Waves Update Program) so you will have free upgrades for 12 months. I am asking $950 (Includes the $150 Transfer Fees). Let me know if anyone is interested.
  2. Dont sweat about the date of the post niktu, it was nice to finally get a response. Couldn't agree with you more on the review of the new features on PT8 I have been using it for 2 months now and im lovin it. I had never really had much time for Sibelius but now with the notation feature on PT8 I cant believe how much i am using it, I find the midi editing tools and interface very easy to use, the new interface is alot more pleasing to the eye, improving the number of tracks available for a session was something i think that Digidesign had to include (without charging us extra for it) and all my old favorite features from V7 are still there. Although i have always loved my Logic i have to admit that it has just recently been removed from my mac as it no longer of any use to me (i will be keeping it close by just in case of an emergency). Again thanks for the reply and good to hear that you are a mac user aswell :clap:, Mac land's population seems to be growing at a rapid rate which is great news.
  3. I ordered my copy of ProTools 8 today. Has anyone else already got there hands on in yet? If so what do you think?
  4. It really annoys me that this new upgrade (or down grade) makes the laptop look more like an Asus. It used to be a sign of superiority ;D to own a piece of professional equipment like a Macbook pro or any apple for that matter an now they are trying to dumb it down. I now wait with baited breath to see if this was just a joke and the real upgrade is on its way soon. I mean no firewire 400 input! WHAT THE!?!?! Ill be holding on to my current MBP for a while me thinks. Mac is Love
  5. I am wrapped i saw this post tonight! I was just about to purchase the update to Logic Pro 8 but i think i have a new priority It also gives me the excuse ive been looking for to upgrade to leopard. I would be suprised Moe Joe if they don't offer a trade in program as they have done it with past hardware updates but do you really need it? Running your you 8 channel mic-pre with your existing 003 rack would pretty much give you the same setup.
  6. Sorry Spectrum I had a grand final day hang over moment ??? I am running 10.4.11 Tiger on a macbook pro.
  7. I was thinking about updating my Mac OSX system to Leopard now that ProTools V7.4.2 is compatible with it but i thought i would ask the question to anyone who has made the upgrade whether ProTools V7.4.2 is stable and is Leopard really that much better than Panther? I am one of those people who like to keep up with the latest versions of the software i am using but not at the expense of reliability and my own sanity :bang:
  8. Its good to see that you are a Apple Mac man at heart Antonio. Come back to the dark side ;D
  9. cheers for the feedback guys. turns out my belkin hub was faulty ;D recieved a replacement unit 2day and all is well. thanx again
  10. got it working. You just got to take the http://
  11. That brainworx link doesnt seem to be working which is a shame because i have used it b4 and it is a great mid side eq.
  12. g'day all, i have a macbook pro and i am having drama finding a powered usb hub that will acknowledge my ilok, mac keyboard, mouse ect... i have tried the belkin powered hub and some other 4 input usb hubs but none seem to work. Any ideas out there?
  13. I hear that Gotham City has a couple of second hand ones going dirt cheap. I think RB does use a m-audio sound card but he can answer that better than anyone i guess.
  14. maybe u need to create something similar to the 'Bat Signal' to get RB's attention Antonio ;D
  15. I noticed that m-audio have just released a new audio interface called the Profire 2626. It has 26 ins and 26 outs with 8 octane pre-amps and goes for $899 USD. Looks pretty impressive.