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  1. Ive submitted my first one - i'll see how i go
  2. yeah - its like from new knowledge to world class blah blah blah in 250 words
  3. Cheers - I'm just struggling to put a release into academic speak - I'm limited to 250 words to cover a range of points . So all advice happily accepted.
  4. anyone use audio recordings as creative outputs? or documented non traditional research outputs for ERA? if so would love to have a chat cheers
  5. cheers - grabbed and printed
  6. cool - once its here I'll try and figure out how to run the two FX at once thingy
  7. chances are the rmx knobs dont send out midi cc that ableton can hear if you're on a mac use midi montior to listen to the midi in activity it might be sending NNPRN (?) or something else if so you can use midi pipe to translate what it it sending on knob turns into midi cc's so ableton can hear them
  8. ended up buying a mpx-1 so will be here with questions when it arrives
  9. this could take a while
  10. I want to make some italo house style acid lines and use the old chords as a starting point basically piano riffs like this so any help appreciatted my pitch is shit house so it'll be weeks before I figure it out
  11. I too suffer from bouts of insomnia or waking up at three am I find I sleep better if the iphone isnt by the side of the bed but then I need it on the 3 days I work for alarm clock on the nights I wake up I tend to read on the phone - very low brightness - dark background and read until i get tired - which can take about 2 hours then try and get an extra hours sleep before up for work
  12. i may invest in a monotribe
  13. quick question does this have SPDIF io? just thinking this could sit on unused SPDIF of ultralite for sends
  14. agreed i use their freebies - lovely fuzz prodigy use it on there live shows for vocal crunch apparently