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  1. Hey punks have recently purchased minimonsta synth from GFORCE have upgraded with online software to make compatible with my mac version and am Getting some muddy unwanted noise that appears after short use yet the funny thing is that it does not always appear. Even turning off my mbox, computer, logic doesnt seem to make it go away. Please help
  2. Thanks for the feedback network:acid i guess that is the best way to go about it. I was really keen to go for a very big room vocal but i guess i Will see how far my lyrical creativity will go haha.
  3. And another note was considering getting a friend to do a vocal just for a bit of fun I spose. Any Ideas as to what type of lyrics? I am absolutely lost when it comes to this side of music wouldn't know where to start. The vocalist is female and quite adaptable. Cheers guys
  4. Title: Irony Artist: Jax Description: Hey punks am close to finishing this track just have to work on the entry and exit of breakdowns and of course do some proper mixing. I am at the point where if i hear the track one more time i am going to throw my mac out the window but then again i am pretty sure i don't want to do that. If anyone can help me out with my levels and bottom end (not that computer speakers will help much) throughout the track it would great a fresh perspective is much in need. And of course I love to hear what you all think. Stream / Download [mp3=200,20,0,center]http://www.soundpunk.com/downloads//public/tunes_and_tracks/Irony5thtake.mp3[/mp3]
  5. I thought it may have been derived from sampling but wasn't sure. Thanks for the insight will have something to work from now. Will look on the net for a good sample cd to purchase. Once again much appreciated guys.
  6. I love the sound of a filtered bassline but more so the funkier stuff you hear coming out of the French house scene. Of course it is a sound that has been around for quite a while but never seems to grow old in my ears. To give an example, if anyone isn't sure of what i am talking, about a popular song we all know that is a classic example is Daft Punk - Mothership Recconection or Junior Jack - Esamba. Have been trying to find sounds in various synths that are along the lines but have not found anything even remotely close. Would love to know if anyone has found a synth that has some of these sounds i am talking about.
  7. Thanks alot guys will give it a go. Much appreciated
  8. Hey punks was hoping anyone out there could help me with a tech problem. I am a logic 8 user and have just purchased the minimonsta. I initially installed as a vst, then au but the synth did not come up on my input list. The synth works fine as standalone (great synth by the way). I am a bit lost lost when it comes to vst, au etc. I understand that vst is a standard for connecting the synth but is this even the problem? If anyone can help me it would be much appreciated.
  9. very helpful have achieved some great booming sounds. Just as easy in logic 8 to achieve with time and pitch machine. For any logic users follow steps: 1. go into sample editor of kick drum 2. then go drop down tab 'factory' and click time and pitch machine 3. change the length to desired amount of bars. But as you said ehsan some kicks are better to work with than others. Thanks for tip.
  10. That does make alot more sense when you mention it is also sound alot simpler. Thanks for the enlightenment. I managed to find a sample of the sound for anyone who had no idea what i was talking about. [mp3=200,20,0,center]http://www.soundpunk.com/downloads//public/samples_and_sounds/Drumeffect.wav[/mp3]
  11. Was hoping anyone out there is able to tell how to achieve a particular drum sound. The sound i am talking about is heard quite alot in trance. It is generally the last kick drum, going into a breakdown, then immediately followed by a sweep down in pitch of that kick. My first thought was to sample a desired kick side-chained to a gate on a seperate chanel with a test oscillator automated to carry out the sweep. I have not been getting the best sounding sweeps. Is the only way to get a better sound, like the one i am describing, through a drum synth? If anyone could help me out it would be much appreciated. P.S: If noone knows what i am talking about let me know. I am sure i could find a sample.
  12. Hey guys thanks for the speedy response. What does anyone think of the guitar? Wasn't sure whether to leave it in i just really wanted to add another element. Don't hold my dodgy playing against me haha. Any type of feedback is great. Thanks again looking foward to posting more music and talking shit in general.
  13. Title:Jax - Grandeur Artist:Jax Description: Thanks for the info spectrum. This should work better now. Stream / Download [mp3=200,20,0,center]http://www.soundpunk.com/downloads//public/tunes_and_tracks/Grandeur.mp3[/mp3]
  14. Title: Grandeur Artist: Jax Description: Hey guys am new to the site and really like what i see. I have been looking for a community like this. I am prodominately a logic 8 user and it is what i used to make this track. Would love to hear some feedback/criticism on my music. Cheers Stream / Download [mp3=200,20,0,center] http://www.megaupload.com/?dF3HV8FP9