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  1. you know these get installed with Pro Tools right? in any event, heres the 7.4 ones. MAC pdf - HERE PC pdf - HERE All LE 7.4 documentation - HERE And The M-Powered documentation - HERE (All shortcuts are the same for LE or M-Powered) all of these should be accessible from the help menu in PT (but maybe not because of a bug).
  2. I spent the afternoon messing around with this. I wish there was a real bass track, or a DIed guitar, that would have helped a lot. I added tamb and shaker to the bridge. I triggered snare samples to blend in with the kit. [mp3=400,30,0,center][/mp3] [edit, I'm not sure if I like this slowed down....] Hey Vagrant, sounds like your mp3 got messed up somehow, there's loads of glitching.
  3. M-Audio Fast Track Pro, Edirol UA25ex, and Presonus Audiobox are all good for beginners.
  4. That list is pretty much complete, only thing I'd add to it is the new Soundhack delay bundle. Xpand! is free, but you can't download it, can only get it on cd. There's also IK Multimedia Ampeg SVX UNO and Amplitube 2 Duo which are free upgrades for anyone that had Amplitube LE. You can also find these as special bonus offers once in a while, or if you go to trade shows you might be able to find it on cd.
  5. yeah I know this is an old thread, I just wanted to say I FUCKING LOVE TRANSFUSER There's lots of info in this thread: Craig Anderton explains every section of Transfuser and some of the A.I.R. guys share some tips.
  6. Alright, you punks probably haven't learned the normal hotkeys yet, so there's probably no point in posting this but whatever...I like you guys. Using these custom shortcuts, or making your own will really speed up your protooling. [reposted from my site] Autohotkey is a free macro program that turns multiple keystrokes into single ones. It’s a bit difficult to get working sometimes, but it can do some ridiculous things. For Macs you can get Quikey, it is available for Windows too, but AutoHotKey is free! Copy the code below and paste it over the default script, then reload. Remember you can change any of the hotkeys to suit your needs. If you take a look at my code and the documentation with Autohotkey you'll be able to make your own. Keep checking back on this post because I’ll be updating it as I create more scripts. Blue is the function of the script and Red is the key command to activate it. + means Shift, ^ means CTRL, # means Win key, ! means Alt Here’s some simple ones to try out for making new tracks. ;Create Mono Track home:: Send, {CTRLDOWN}{SHIFTDOWN}n{SHIFTUP}{CTRLUP}{ENTER} return ;Create Stereo track +home:: Send, {CTRLDOWN}{SHIFTDOWN}n{SHIFTUP}{CTRLUP} Send, {CTRLDOWN}{RIGHT}{CTRLUP}{ENTER} return ;Create Instrument Track end:: Send, {SHIFTDOWN}{CTRLDOWN}n{SHIFTUP}{CTRLUP} Send, {CTRLDOWN}{RIGHT}{CTRLUP}{CTRLDOWN}{DOWN}{DOWN}{DOWN}{DOWN}{CTRLUP}{ENTER} return ;Create MIDI track +end:: Send, {CTRLDOWN}{SHIFTDOWN}n{CTRLUP}{SHIFTUP} Send, {CTRLDOWN}{DOWN}{DOWN}{DOWN}{CTRLUP}{ENTER} return ;Create Aux Mono pgup:: Send, {CTRLDOWN}{SHIFTDOWN}n{SHIFTUP}{CTRLUP} Send, {CTRLDOWN}{DOWN}{CTRLUP}{ ENTER} return ;Create Aux Stereo +pgup:: Send, {CTRLDOWN}{SHIFTDOWN}n{SHIFTUP}{CTRLUP} Send, {CTRLDOWN}{RIGHT}{CTRLUP}{CTRLDOWN}{DOWN}{CTRLUP}{ENTER} return –Added Sept 16 2008– I’m so happy I figured this one out. From Kenny Gioia’s first tutorial dvd. Make a new track under your kick (or snare) drum track Use beat detective to make a cut on all beats Turn off tab to transient so Tab or ‘ now goes to each cut on the the region. find a sample you like, drag it onto the empty track, select it and X to cut it. tab to the first hit and then hold down to let the script do the work for you. ;Kenny Gioia Sample Enhancement ::::;vp' return ;Show Playback Engine pause::send, {ALTDOWN}{ALTUP}sp return ;Show Preferences PrintScreen::Send, {ALTDOWN}{ALTUP}sn return This never made much sense to me, why do you need to hold ctrl to go to the mixer? ;Show Mixer/Edit window =::send, ^= return ;Save As (Win S wouldn't work for some reason, I need to figure out a better button for this) F12::Send, {altdown}{altup}{down}a return –Added Sept 17 2008– ;Suspend All Groups F9::send, {ctrldown}{shiftdown}g{ctrlup}{shiftup} return This will go to the start of the session, select all, then select to the start (so all regions start at 0:00), then consolidates all regions. ;Consolidate All Tracks (v2) +F12::send, {enter}{ctrldown}a{ctrlup}{shiftdown}{enter}{altdown}{altup}e{down}{down}{down}{down}{down}{down}{down}{down}{down}{down}{down}{down}{down}{down}{down}{down}{down}{down}{down}{down}{down}{enter} return –Added Oct 15 2008– Even though this feature is in PT 8 (and even better) I figured out a similar way to do it in 7.4 and below. Use this for comping vocals from up to 5 takes. The Comp track should be on top of the playlist, each take on a separate track below. Make your selection and tap M, the audio will be copied, moved up to the top track and paste. ;Quick Swipe Comp M::Send, cpppppv return tada! Pretty much any repetitive task can be done with just one button. Are there any other tasks you'd like to be made easier in Pro Tools? I'd be happy to help. Enjoy!
  7. I've been MIA for months (8?) so I might as well introduce myself all over again. I'm Jon I'm in Toronto, Canada I write I'm a engineer, producer and musician. DAW of choice is Pro Tools Lately I've been doing a semi-weekly podcast on home recording stuff I really dig the new look you've got going on here.
  8. Damn, it's been a while since I've been around these parts. Heres a pic of my mix room. Looks prettymuch the same today, only with more cable mess
  9. Looks like a great tutorial, too bad I don't have Massive so I could follow along.
  10. It definitely works in 7.4, thats what I use. go to the insert, and before clicking the plugin you want hold ctrl(win) or apple (mac) and click. It won't immediately select that plugin. But if you look in the list again at the top will be that plugin name in bold. No more searching.
  11. use a different email address to make an account if you must. I'm open to trades as well!
  12. It doesn't cost you anything to make a paypal account, and no fee to send money to me. It actually costs me 10% to receive money.
  13. I just wanted to stop by to thank all who purchased the sample collection. I really appreciate the support. And of course a bump for those that haven't seen this yet.
  14. Alright so I just got the damn paypal button working. go to the page on my site: and click on the buy now button. It is download only. Pay and I send you a link to get it. Its a 244MB ZIP, when extracted plops out a RAR archive in 6 parts. 435 MBs comes from that. Samples are organized in folders by Toy. There is a .doc with the contents and explanation and there is a picture like above They are standard WAV files. 16 bits, 44.1kHz. Which is excessive for this sort of material. Some were done with Audacity (manual hard labour) and some in PT LE (woo! strip silence and auto rename!). I don't have pictures of all the toys or I would have included that in the download. Some were sold or are deceased. If you want to see I have a small gallery here: Its good to see some interest in this.
  15. ramble: I've built up a bit of a collection with the intent to one day sell them as a cd. A year or so goes by without adding anything to it. A friend of mine sends me a song he made using some of my samples and its pretty cool, it atleast gets me in the mood to get the rest of them out there. I have about 1400 samples of my own circuitbending creations, 430 MB, 16/44.1 Anyone interested? Contents: Ass Intruder – A toy gun only labeled intruder. Pitch controls were added. Casio SA-10 – a small toy keyboard with a tendency to glitch aggressively. Casio SA-20 – a larger version of the SA-10, similar but different glitches. Casio SK-1 – One of the first affordable sampling keyboards, extremely lo-fi, but loads of fun to play. Various glitches, drones and noises resulting from extensive short circuiting of the main ICs. Fisher Price Keyboard – A very sweet lo-fi electric piano, which when modified was one of the most terrifying beasts I've ever heard. This one was sampled with every combination of bend as well as the original clean sound. Furby – Random vocal glitches and garbled speech from this hideous little robot. Little Talking Scholar – Loads of garbled alien speech, some glitchy sounds and some beeps. Mystery Meat Machine – Various animal sounds came from this unlabeled toy, clock speed and distortion controls were added. Named such because the sounds it made were of animals that go into hot dogs and other delights. Phonics A-Z – Low frequency tones, distortion, robot breaths and detuned noises. Playschool KidKeys – Just some distorted, detuned drum sounds for you. Sax-A-Boom – A noisy SOB, I only got a few samples from it before it self destructed. V-Tech Smart Start Elite – More glitchy speech, noises and some tones TI Speak & Math – A classic target for circuitbenders, highly 'bendable', and very easy to coax new sounds out of. TI Speak & Spell – Needs no introduction, just haveAss Intruder - an electronic toy gun only labelled with Intruder. a listen Talking Smart Start Scholar – Another one from V-tech, but very different sounds from the others. Coleco Talking Teacher – This one is by far the most fun to play because of the looping switches added. There are 276 samples in this set! Good thing I edited this one in Pro Tools, otherwise I'd be working on it for days. Toy Park Keys – a little toy with a pitch control, just 11 samples in this set, what I thought were most useful. Yamaha DD50 Drum machine – I made 228 samples of this piece of junk, all percussion sounds. It will be $5 through Paypal.