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  1. a web community specifically for audio engineering, thats what the hell i'm talking about. whats up folks, i'm an audio production major in sacramento, ca u.s. but As much as i enjoy recording other artists and musicians i too have a pipe dream or two. So i'm putting together a modest project studio for hip hop production and vocals. Very rarely will i have the opportunity to record any instruments at my home other than the occassional guitarist. i'm pretty sure of what i need, but perhaps someone here has suggestions, or perhaps can even save me some money on the unecessary, though its pretty bare bones as it is. here goes: CPU AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 6000 3.0Gz 3GB RAM TC Electronic Konnekts 24D (anyone had any experience with these?, reviews were good) Akai MPDD24 M-Audio Keystation49e Rode NT1-A Condenser Event ALP 5 monitors AKG K 240 Studio headphones Any other hardware? I have cubase sx3 should i really go out and pay that money for 4? appreciate it