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  1. Do you have any other tracks up on your space I can check out Rhythmboy?
  2. Hey Dylab thanks for info have not heard of that approach as of yet, interesting way of using bass. Nice tracks mate. Had a listen and can definetely hear how you utilise this technique with your sub bass. Rythmboy, didn't expect as much info but regardless every point extremely helpful. Point four was great something I had never taken into account as a way of humanizing. Had a listen to both tracks, loved the one you have posted second (doesn't seemed like you named it). Warm, bubbly, smooth, uplifting I like!!! Once again thanks guys
  3. Hey punks. Thought I would start a topic specifically about bass. Am certain I am not the only one with this problem. I am constantly finding myself never quite happy with my basslines. Understandably it bears the heaviest weight in terms of rythmical purpose and groove but am very interested to hear anyone's approach to creating bass, specifically in stereo, yet still controlling that element, midi note lengths, midinote velocites, reverbs, layers of octaves, modulations techniques, quantizing techniques, genre specific waveshapes, delay techniques and pretty much anything else people have found in relation to bass. Love to hear everyone's thought am hoping this will spark some interest. Cheers guys
  4. Hey punks. Hoping you may be able to give us some advice regarding what Headphones you are using for production. Am looking to get a new pair but am undecided what to look for. Any info is great