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  1. Hey guys sorry for being out of contact for a while. I only recently got released from prison from the whole murder provoked by the whole analog vs digital debate (grr!). And plus the sentence was increased from my whole man-rape stint in the hole! Since the internet is still only limited to dial-up I found that I had a lot of time on my hands to upload the latest 'Lychee Martini' album up to Limewire for you all to listen to. I hope you don't mind 'rhythmboy'(if that is your real name) but I feel that this is a great opportunity for your band to get some well-deserved exposure. I don't mean to harp on only about the band's tracks so I have also uploaded all of your great remixes onto Limewire as well. I had to put them all under my own name to simplify the whole process of course. :cans: Thanks, Cunty-man Ps. Jester Fu is still a cunt.
  2. Hi everyone thanks so much for your helpful responses from my last post. I have recently become involved in an argument with a gentleman about the preffered methods of analog and digital recordings. He took such a strong stance against digital that I have decided to take some physical action. I have noticed over my years of engineering that a sharp electric shock can be transferred from a microphone to the lips when singing. Is there anyway to intensify this occurance so that an event of accidental death would present at a gig, appearing as a tragic mistake. As I am a savvy investor and am always thinking of the future consequences I have been looking into a desk that holds the Digidesign Control 24 desk as so that I could hide for the next few months. Alternatively, how long do you think a hypothetical person could survive in a traps case? Any ideas on the best way to succed in my endevours? Thanks anyway for your time, Cunty-man. Ps. Jester Fu is a CUNT! :eatadick:
  3. Hi all, I was watching my favourite show pimp my ride the other day and saw that they installed a recording studio into the passenger seat of the car. The chick was really rapped! She was an up and coming artist and this will really help her career. The host of the show 'Exhibition' (he's a famous rapper) even laid down a track with her on the show! My dad is always complaining about the sound coming from the studio in my bedroom, would it be better for me to move all of my rack gear into my car that way when I want to lay down some tunes I can simply do it some where else where he won't hear? Or would the engine create too much hum in the mix? Or would be ok if I always keep the windows up as I have recently replaced my window seals to pass rego. If I have a budget of say $1000 would this be at all possible? any help would be greatly appreciated. ps I drive a magna station wagon