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  1. Hey guys - just started a new project with someone, trying some rock stuff - eventually will include a live drummer and bass player.. live i'll try to mix up using Ableton and playing some riffs on the guitar. This is what we banged up this arvo. "It's just a life"
  2. ...or in audition/cool edit etc just create a half second 60hz sinewave and pop a pitch shift envolope on it. i agree with you antonio - it's probably a pitch bent sub tone that makes it a little more interesting than a static tone.
  3. what's your monitor setup? using anything except a pure sinewave will add harmonics to the tone, obviously making it not a pure sub. so to start with, if you're after a pure sub tone, you'll use a simple sine... if that's not giving you the sound you want, then the bass you're after contains more than just a basic sub - but probably layered samples heavily shaped with eqing to give the desired transient. there's probably a click or beater layered on it to initiate the sound. if you can link a sample of what you're talking about then i'd have a better idea about what you're after.
  4. thanks for the links guys.. antonio - thanks mate, that's a cool program - but i'm really looking for something that just runs through random frequencies and it tests you as opposed to a tone generator. this one's a bit fidley.
  5. don't get too excited. i work for corperate A/V, heard of Staging Connections? jed works for them too. i still have fun there tho.. anywhere that has a mixing desk, 30-band eq and a massive patch bay i'll be happy at
  6. I've got a trainee at work at the moment and I'm trying to teach her how to eq a room and thought it might help for her to spend a little bit of time using one of those programs that plays a random frequency and then tests to see if you know what hz it is. Anyone know any free ones? RB.. i'm looking at you
  7. First Mix (same as the one up the top): [mp3=400,30,0,center][/mp3] Second Mix (after a few adjustments): [mp3=400,30,0,center][/mp3] ABing it - i've really noticed the forward vox in the first. major changes were: masterbus reverb, better eqing each channel, a touch more compression on a few things, 2 guitars panned more and mix the levels again. (too much reverb on the vox now?) would love your opinions again :-*
  8. thanks all this is a big help. i was thinking of more compression - but i didn't wanna destroy the instruments. it's only in some small sections that it's a little over-loud, so i'll just put a little on with a higher threshold.. in the end it's a live recording, so there's not much else i can do i guess. i've done some more eqing on the keys so it's not in the same space as the bass anymore and i was thinking of using stereo filtering, on the left - shelf 3-6db or so below 1khz, and right - above (or something around that) to bring the keys into stereo land without having it dead-panned (cause it was only a mono send). but i'll have a play with it when i get home. might have a look into verbs on the master as well. thanks again guys! this is giving me heaps of ideas, it's fun learning things haha
  9. oh - and the vox have a little comp, 3.20~:1 over each channel and a quiet send of short reverb each.
  10. thanks for the advice woot i guess i'm just finding it a bit awkward working with 'dynamic playing' of real musicians thoughout a whole liveset (instead of perfect controlable dynamics with electronica) - whats the best way to deal with really loud sections of particular instruments in a liveset? obviously it's a live recording so it's bound to be more 'human', but is it common to go through and snip sections and duck their level a bit touch during unruley loud parts? however, having said that, after spreading the guitars a decent amount it already seems to have helped a lot. i've been playing with it for a couple of hours or so. i don't think i can back to my monitors tonite after using the cans for so long. thanks again for the help - i'll have another play tomorrow and post it to compare. chris
  11. Hey guys - I've done my first band recording since I was 17/18 when I didn't know much about sound (or anything for that matter lol) before turning pretty much 100% electronic producing. It was a live recording at a little gig bar in melbourne on saturday. The desk is a tiny Yamaha MG16 with no direct outs, only 4 groups (paired on each channel) and 2 auxs which were used for foldback. So I could only manage splitting each channel before the desk and going into the motu firepod (8 input) i borrowed from a mate. So I'm mixing seperate channels for each desk input. The band is 2 x guitars, bass, keys and 3 x vox. There's a small amount of bleed i'm yet to clean up (they were using SM58s so there wasn't much and all instruments were just DI'd) - but my main issue I can't fix now unless i get him into to re-do the 2nd guitar.. but didn't realise till he started strumming away that the channel was clipping before my soundcard. On the mixer it pfl'd fine and sounded good on the PA, so i'm guessing it was a dodgy cable to my soundcard or something - any ideas? Would anyone be able to give me any critique on the mix i've done so far? I'm pretty weak with accoustic stuff (especially live). Cheers guys! Rough first mix: [mp3=400,30,0,center][/mp3]
  12. crap - got me thinking guys.. thanks for the awesome demos! i don't know much about phasing, but i think i should start learning. those stereo demos sounded fine to me. how can you pick it? and whats the best way to remedy (i know it would be on a case to case basis, but what are the general ideas)?
  13. hey i should get back into using massive again. great tutorial.
  14. hey guys thank you so much. i'm stoked that you guys can appriciate it so much hey cheyne - no probs with you putting it up the front page, thank you infact. i'm in melbourne at the moment - currently workin on my liveset. it's pretty much at the very start of creation at present, but i've been offered a couple of gigs possibly in april/may - which i think i can work towards. as far as the sounds - the creation of these tracks span from dec 2006 to about sep 2007, so there's quite a few different methods involved. there's some samples involved, some mangling, some recording etc. hey jed thanks mate, japan has always striked me as a place that might enjoy it hehehe. and spectrum thanks as well for listening and your feedback. glad it was so well recieved.