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  1. I'm working with someone who's recording on a 64gb Macbook air and is very concerned about space. They've already installed the minimum for logic (9gb was as low as I could get) but they still wan't less. The recordings are just straight acoustic guitar/vocals so no digital sounds are needed. Is it possible to remove the stock instruments that come with it, synths presets and all? How much space do they even take up? For clarification, these:
  2. I've got a self thought guitarist who plays with his thumb and does this: If he were to do something thought out that's not messing around, what would be the best setup to do a studio version of this style without having the microphone explode? What would be able to properly record "beating the shit out of a guitar with your thumb" articulately?
  3. May or may not be a silly question but do you musicians out there think its possible to teach yourself music theory through means of the internet or a series of books? Is it possible to learn worthwhile music tools without paying for expensive classes, or is the aid of an instructor needed? If so, any suggestions?
  4. pretty self explanatory, pretty cool. You select a session time and download a program and off you go
  5. Cool thanks, that makes the decision a lot easier
  6. I guess my question would how far does the certification take you
  7. Thanks, I didnt even know they had such certifications The time difference between the two from home is like 30 minutes so thats not much of a factor. But the way I was thinking is that there would be more jobs in Chicago than in Madison but I could be wrong
  8. Im looking into audio engineering as a degree and live in Illinois So far Im looking into two schools Flashpoint Academy in Chicago or the Madison Media Institute Anyone have dirt/advice on one or the other that would help with the decision?
  9. thanks for the info
  10. Intel G43/G45
  11. Shoot, I had no idea it was so particular Using the Intel 82801 PC Bridge 244E chipset Where do i go to look for compatibility?
  12. Im considering getting the same thing and just got a new computer with Intel Q8200 2.33ghz w/ 4gb ram a 500gb hard drive + a 1tb hard drive 7200RPM &512 graphics card So are these minimum requirements or recommended or just yours personally? Would this run fine or run like a dream? If its too much tax on the machine I was going to stick with Adobe Audition but Id like to add the phrase "I use protools" to my resume
  13. I dont know what this is but im jealous
  14. Well its almost Christmas time and that means its time for some spending for the Prosumer mark. Looking to record on a limited budget so Im looking into some USB condenser mics for acoustic guitar and vocals After a while of searching Ive narrowd it down to Samson C03u and Blue Snowball (ignore past 3:25)Videos are the best samples I could find on youtube (hardly the place to look for quality i know) Both have omni and carotid pickup patterns and the same frequency response and are around the same price. Also they each have have drivers available for added tweaking What does soundpunk think?
  15. Hey the sites back up Thanks, I turned it into individual phrases and it worked out great They have Protools on the machines too but the project had to be entirely in reason otherwise id do the rewire