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  1. i'm still confused, if the comp was supposed to close at midnight sunday, then why did you close it off early? pretty sure i wasn't the only one that missed out because of this confusion, the annoying thing being that i stayed up late saturday to get my track finished, went to the footy sunday, thinking i will come home give it a final listen/mixdown and get it in no worries by the deadline, only to log on and find that you had shut it off at midday sunday
  2. oh fuck, i thought it closed at midnight tonight lol oops ;D ah well i still had fun, thanks rb & the rest of the lychees for letting us play with your bits
  3. onto this tonight, been looking forward to it, had a ball doing the last lychee remix
  4. awesome stuff r-diddy, you look so stoked in that pic and she kinda looks like you too (don't know if that's a good, or bad thing though )
  5. i lashed out and bought a can of sapporo to celebrate xmas eve - $9.99 for 1 can, that shit better be good drinking hope y'all have a good what's left of this one and an even better next one
  6. well done ehsan, still give your smash everything 2008 set a good workout very worthy winner i reckon
  7. i've been in the same boat a bit cheyne, but i'm blaming a really uninspiring room with no windows that my computer is in which doesn't help your situation at all maybe take some acid and see if that brings your ideas back, in my case it would at least make my room a bit more interesting
  8. i can knock one off nice and quick if i have the right material available ??? cheers though, but will give it a miss this time, got too much shit on this week unfortunately
  9. i went to do one last wednesday, but the d/l link for the parts was dead unfortunately
  10. if the deadline is the 23rd i'm gonna have a crack if the deadline has already been, i still might have a crack
  11. when you're touring its as good a place as any to store your sleeping gear :wtf: i used to use a pillow myself and as an added extra, it muffles the sound which gives the kick a bit more punch someone else could probably give a more technical explanation though, but thats it in essence (as far as i'm aware )
  12. god it was that long ago when i learned to drum that all i did was buy one of those books with a casette stuck to the front of it, learned the basics and then just practised my arse off so i guess thats what i'd recommend learn the basics and practice your arse off ;D
  13. oh jester, fuck you're a funny cunt tulips ;D
  14. opposition trying to block this anyway not counting on these $$ until they're in my pocket
  15. fucked if i know might finally invest in a soundcard