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  1. And they be great! admitidly i had to change a few of cubase 5's defults to match... but eh, its sped things up no end. cheers
  2. What format do you want the remixes in?? is DAT ok? jk seriously tho, wav, aif, mp3? remix done, just have to deal with syncing 2 desks automation together... heaps fun!
  3. i wish this video was here here when i was trying to set up 32 chanels of flying fader control! nice work!
  4. did you ever get around to sending me that track? im keen to show the setup i use, i just need some decent unmastered stuff (ie, not my tracks!) to use Jude
  5. thought i might revive this thread! so are we still using the same techniques? i have changed to using a few of the antress plugins (if you dont have them, download them, there free and bloody awesome especially the emulation of the SSL Gseries mix buss comp and the manley vari-mu) followed by my desk eq (DDA interface then into a drawmer M500 (thanks Dopamine!) for final comression and limiting and fades at the end. I record thiss to a Tascam realtime CD burner and im liking the sound much better especially mastering from stems
  6. just to get back on topic (well kinda)... id be thinking you would be far better off buying a power conditioner than stupidly pricey IEC cables. cos lets face it a 1m long power lead aint going to fuck your signal, where filthy power can do. but hey, lets face it. its usually really stupid rich people who buy this shit, so should we really care?
  7. so am i right in thinking only 2 of us actually took up the challenge?
  8. i still do!!! does that mean im really cool or really lame? not liking the answers im expecting to get here
  9. already done fuckface? just kidding
  10. [mp3=400,30,0,center]red light nation jm mix.wav[/mp3] here you go. hope it works ive been going like :bang: trying to figure out how to link it. its a good thing i can mix better than opperate a computer ;D
  11. about piano micing... i find a great trick micing piano's for a live show is to use PZMmics like the shure Beta 91. i gaffa tape these to the piano lid (underneath of course) one above the fret board and one right down the bottom of the piano. gives a really deep sound from the top end of the range right down to the bottom.
  12. yo mate, did as requested but no link was given and now i cant find the file. any help would be really apreciated
  13. diggin the track will print a mix just as soon as i get home tonite. i am however sticking to the brief, ie treating this as a mixing gig, not a remix. so its just what you have given me. ive made a few little edits along the way, but im sure you will hear them. as for the mix and gear used... its all outboard except for waves Rcomp over the stereo drum track, aphex BBE and Waves C1 on the kick, cubase's VST Dynamics on the BV's and thats about it. the vocal effects come courtasy of a lexicon MX200, vocal EQ & compression is a Richardson Audio PL5, drum group compression is from an alesis 3630, and the GTR track is provesed by an AKAI MFC32 (on an aux send) with a slight 24dB/octave LPF and a phase shifter. will post pics of the outboard so you can see the settings i used. Jude
  14. you owne(d) real modular synths. your first computer bassed tracks were written on mod tracker you own a real mixing desk
  15. ohhh, i really want those dnb samples page no workies for me