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  1. what a gig, anyone else see it last night?
  2. awesome. Called a shiteload of pawnshops yesterday doing some "shopping for a new computer", but a lot of them say that they don't even buy computers usually cause it's too easy to lose money on them. Nothing coming up on ebay or trading post yet...
  3. Nah, insurance isn't going to cover the laptop, apparently they are an excluded item. I've given the serial number to police and they took prints off the car, but they recommended NOT calling cashies or pawn shops cause they then just sell them quicker... They said just do a drive around of all the pawn shops I can find in 7 days and see if they are on the shelves, then call police.
  4. yeah, well I'm pissed to have lost my lappy, but my mate's probably even more devastated by what he lost. If I've got the serial number for my laptop, do you guys know if there's anyway it can be tracked if it is put online? Also, do you think I should start call all cash convertors now or can they not be trusted at all? *clutches at straws*
  5. yeah, bag was completely hidden, although fucking stupid leaving it in the car in the first place, my fault entirely. TBH, most of my stuff is backed up (my last backup is from mid-november and I haven't done that much work since then), it's the tapes from all the filming we did yesterday that i'm really pissed about losing...
  6. So me and a mate were filming a concept doco yesterday around port phillip bay, had just completed about 15 hours of filming and recording foley sound and were finishing up in the city when our car was broken into and the fuckers stole my macbook pro, a video camera, SLR and of course the bag that had all our footage in it. I know it's a pretty long shot, but if anyone hears anything or gets offered any cheap camera gear or a 15" macbook pro, please PM. Heaps of hours of lost labour in this gear. Fucking gutted.
  7. Brilliant concept, would love to see this... <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=" name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src=" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>
  8. hey peeps, sound cloud has opened up for one and all now, no need for invites... how many people here are on it? Been finding some mad tracks and mixes...
  9. Jester please, you give me too little credit I'm pretty sure pre-sale tickets on ticketmaster are available from tomorrow morning, I'm gonna camp out (online in my loungeroom, that is) and snare a couple ASAP. Can't wait for this.
  10. Lock this one in, been waiting for these guys for ages... 8) Created by composer and multi-instrumentalist Jason Swinscoe in 1999, British-based The Cinematic Orchestra lives up to their name with an atmospheric and beguiling combination of ingenious sampling, live instruments and jazzy electronic sound with a great swing and beat. TCO's debut album Motion, a soundtrack to an imaginary thriller, took everyone by surprise and was voted by listeners of Giles Peterson's Radio One show as the album of the year. That album, along with subsequent albums - Every Day, Man With A Movie Camera and Ma Fleur - have seen TCO (whose members expand and contract with each new album, sometimes including a string section, often collaborating with vocalists like Fontella Bass and newcomer Patrick Watson, and top free jazz saxophonist Tom Chant and pianist Nick Ramm) enjoy massive cult success resulting in an invitation to play at the Director's Guild Award ceremony for the presentation of the Lifetime Achievement Award to the legendary director Stanley Kubrick. Their song To Build a Home from Ma Fleur will be well known to people here after being prominently used in the award winning Cadbury Schweppervescence ‘Burst' commercial More than just a studio act however, TCO manage to translate their spine tingling blend of jazz, soul, and funk, orchestral and sampled beats into the live arena. In doing so they have impressed audiences over and over again headlining festivals and playing at venues including the prestigious Royal Albert Hall. In January it will finally be Australia's turn to witness TCO's extraordinary live show when they perform what promises to be an epic performance in an epic venue - Melbourne's Palais Theatre ... this is guaranteed to have your neck hairs standing to attention!
  11. maybe next time I'll just title the thread "here is an interesting article".
  12. Turns out it could have been a woman called Delia. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/entertainment/7512072.stm Some tripped out sounds from the 60s....
  13. yeah, I've been drooling over this controller for a while. It's seriously futuristic IMHO. I'm so jealous that you saw her side show, I'm off to the big day out on monday to catch the crazy icelandic pixie for myself, can't wait. Although it's pretty weird that she'll be on just before Rage...
  14. If it's the Fabriclive one you're talking about then yeah, that's the same guy, really amazing voice, huh? His name's Ra Khahn and he hails from Canberra, actually. He's also in the band Milke with fellow aussie Andrew Friendly...
  15. It surely would be if I got it new. Got it 2nd hand. Buyer beware and all that stuff I agree. Thing is that it worked fine for the first 12 months or so.