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  1. Hey RB remember the Bubble Harp? Scott Snibbe & Bjork have made a new app called Biophilia pretty cool
  2. wow, imagine what it will be like for the next product launch some time next month? speaking of iPads check out Isle of Tune. It's free to use at for the moment but they will turn it into an app soon I believe.
  3. haha yes I was thinking the same thing. There is the odd dubstep entry but I didn't hear anything reaching the potential of the idea IMHO It IS a great little site, I've been keenly waiting for these sorts of sites to emerge over the last couple of years and we are finally getting there.
  4. The Nokia Tune is one of world's most recognized audio brand assets and is estimated to be heard over one billion times a day. Nokia is launching a global crowdsourcing campaign to find a fresh version of the Nokia Tune. This is the first time Nokia is inviting people to work with the iconic tune with the winning tune to be placed next to the standard Nokia Tune in a selection of the company’s 2012 product portfolio. In this unique crowdsourcing competition Nokia challenges you to create your own Nokia Tune using elements of the popular original. Entry criteria: Tunes entered must be a maximum of 30 seconds. How to enter: The competition opens on 5th September 2011, after which entrants have 4 weeks to enter their compositions. In the reference files you can find the Nokia Tune Remix Kit containing all the past versions of Nokia Tune, however, this is not simply a remix competition. You are welcome to create a truly new and unique version. Boy choirs, ukuleles, trash cans, opera singers, steel drums, finger pianos, dusty synthesizers... anything and everything can be used to create an interesting version of the Nokia Tune. Ten finalists will be selected on 5th October 2011. Five finalists will be selected by public votes ("Likes") and five finalists will be selected by a Nokia and AudioDraft professional jury. The winning tune will be selected by the jury featuring some of the most respected names in the audio branding industry. An overall winner and five runner-ups will be selected on 7th October 2011. Judging criteria: Nokia is looking for a tune that is fresh, expressive, original, and creative yet distinctively a Nokia Tune. In the spirit of “Connecting People†- all collaborations are encouraged. Prizes: The five runner-ups will be awarded a prize of $1,000 US dollars with their work available for download in Ovi Store. The winner will be awarded a prize of $10,000 US dollars and will be featured in Nokia's Brand Book. The winner’s work will be included in over 100 million Nokia devices and also be available as a free download in Ovi Store. If you're interested check out the AudioDraft site HERE
  5. oh right, sorry good luck
  6. a salesmen was showing me a handheld recorder once, which was a fine recorder but when he told me it had the added function of taking lyrics out of songs you transferred into I smiled. I wasn't going to fall for that haha I would have just let it ride but he went on and on about it until I couldn't stand it anymore. I told him that it was a good recorder but I don't believe it can take lyrics out of recordings, so he showed me! I was so shocked haha Basically I think it was just inverting the left to the right but what after a while I realised he'd managed to find a song that only had the vocals centre and drums far left and guitar far right. So it worked 'ok'. It wouldn't work this well on all songs.
  7. haha SWEET! 'Hi, yeah I'd like this iPod shuffle... and I've got this 2nd-purchase-half-price coupon, yeah I was looking at the 12 core Mac Pro...?' I think they've made the right choice to delay a new model, what would they do anyway? Adding another better chip or camera won't really change that much and the Android phones will just match it/beat it. Basically the smartphone industry is a lot like the desktop industry now. Apple will innovate some new and other companies will follow and try to beat them on specs. iPad realesed - two years later new tablets coming out same idea but 'w a duel core chip' from other companies. They need to concentrate on OS and 'the next step' of implementation. That's why I was pleased to see they have released news of new iOS and iCloud (other phone companies won't be able to copy this easily).
  8. insert crying emoticon You could always check out Bachelor of Music at UWS - they like 'alternate entry' students. That is you don't have to be a virtuoso with some famous tutor to be excepted (unlike other 'more respectable' Music University departments in Sydney), I just did an undergraduate unit in this coarse and found students who couldn't read music (sorry - traditional music notation). In the end you'd have a bachelor degree in music, which is great, last year I got a summer's worth of work in a properly law office. the boss thought a Music graduate would be great as his assistant because I would be used to paying attention to small details and have a high level of accuracy. I pretended to know exactly what he was talking about... nice pay, shit job
  9. Just thought I'd jump in on the portability of an iMac. Out at gigs all I used to see was Mac Pros. These are great (if you have company backing! $$) put them in a nice roadcase with wheels and you are totally set up. (which is worth it if it's your lively hood) but for those of us that don't have a business budget backing us up the iMac could be good. I've started seeing a lot of guys using iMacs at gigs. Obviously you can't use it on a bus or a plane and students would look pretty weird walking around campus with an iMac under their arm it is portable. I often take mine into the loungeroom or a friends house by just turning it off, unplugging the one cable (power) and putting it in the boot. However it's not at all bump out proof! It would totally depend on the gig whether I would take it or not. If you're out there djing sweaty clubs where eveyone's going nuts ( ) (and so generously share their drinks and narcotics with your gear) then lappie probably better. If you're doing other work then maybe there's not so much risk.
  10. There is this flash game at There's a description of the game over there it's pretty good. The guys had their tongue firmly in cheek while making this homage to the RPG genre. Play it, it doesn't take long. But not everyone really got it and some guy left this wingy review - it's still there. So the vocal artist's seen it and recorded a reading of the review. But then yet another guy made a typography vid using the recording - I love it
  11. You need to make friends with a sound tech with a location recorder - that's how I do it hehe As said above it's really important to think about how big your file size is going to be. You need to choose sampling size, bit depth, no. of channels (stereo is two) and length of recording. Ask one of the current VU students for the calculation or use an online one. Don't forget to factor in the possibility of going over 4 hours - you don't want to miss the encore! And don't forget you should never fill a hard-drive beyond 90% capacity. Make sure you have stable power too. You have to be careful with laptops they can have power saving options that can leave you with little clicks and pops in the recording. Turn those off and any fancy CPU power saving options too. Don't ask me how I've never had a laptop.
  12. Well what do you know! As far as paint goes this seems to be pretty good absorption - for paint!
  13. oh man you just reminded me of the hour of my life I lost last Saturday night when I started a conversation about vibrato with a classical musician.
  14. my favorite round signal flow resonator guitar with timpani backing - don't knock till you try it fuzz face leslie speaker mic - Blue Blue Robbie makie big knob CD... vinyl for a bigger round sound but don't forget about structure - you've got to use the circle of fifths and canon 'rounds' :ooh... I think I need a hobby...
  15. Nah you need a black hole, very good absorption, I'll email you the plans for the right price If you're after drapery offcuts and live in Sydney PM me, I might be able to get you something...