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  1. Morning y'all. Was working on this late last year, then along came a baby and reduced my studio time to zero. So decided to just push this out as is. Started out as an experiment in minimal, but kinda got busier, as all my efforts tend to do. Enjoy. Feedback appreciated, as always, Mark
  2. Link owrked for me. y'know, I've been using Live since version 4, and never knew the shortcut for creating a midi clip in arrangement view until today. I was tabbing back to session, creating clip there, and dragging it to arrangement. Stupid, always bugged me, but I never bothered to investigate. hooray Soundpunk.
  3. Howdy I'm frustrated. Being allowed to play music at work is great, but I find frequently inspiration strikes while at my desk and an idea pops into my head. Problem is, the ideas don’t stick. By the time I get home they are forgotten. I sadly lack the perfect pitch skills or musical experience to note down melodies/basslines. Can’t really record into a dictaphone in an open plan office. Nor run to the bog every time an idea pops into my head (or else people would seriously question my intestinal health). The best I can do is write an email to myself about what the track was I was listening to at the time, and then use that as a prompt when I get home. But it’s never quite the same. How do you remember those flashes of inspiration?
  4. Congrats to Jon S, you killed it, dude. I would have entered, had I (a) any guitar skills to speak of and ( an iphone to make the prize the slightest bit useful.
  5. The Mrs’ cousin recently got a HTC Desire HD (she had an iphone previously). I asked her why the HTC and not a Samsung, she said the Samsung felt a bit flimsily made, less tough than the HTC. I’m umming and ahhing. What I need from a phone is good reception & texting (obviously), and ability to tether to laptop for mobile office type stuff. Iphone loses out on this factor (I believe the iphone tethering speed is limited?). But I must admit I am tempted by the music making apps on the iphone – especially Nanostudio. Android just doesn’t seem able to compete in this department (prob due to the shite audio latency issue). Maybe what I want is an Android phone, with an ipad or even ipod touch for the “fun†stuff. Anyone know any banks with relaxed security? </ jokes>
  6. Thanks. No idea on boy or girl, figure it is life's last great mystery, so looking forward to finding out. Hope I can still find some time to make tunes, but can already feel the priorities shifting.
  7. Hey Congrats to you and the Mrs, RB. Mrs and I are expecting our first baby in 3 and a half weeks now, so the holidays were somewhat subdued. I did bag a Stylophone though from a secret santa. Fun. Need to hook that puppy up in the studio with some effects.
  8. HI CT Your work is too good for you to quit. I won't pretend to like these as much as some of other efforts of yours that I've heard (remix comps etc), but these are by no means bad. The production values are all there, I just feel that these tracks are just less engaging - boring is too strong a word. They remind me of some of the demo CDs from labels, where the tunes just lack the certain X factor to stand out from the crowd. Lacking a 'hook', I suppose is the best way to put it. Defintely prefer the second one to the first.
  9. digging this up from the archives... Mixed in Key looks great, but I'm of the view that it's better to learn the hard way - at least to start with. It's a learning/training thing. Sure, once you have it nailed you can use software to speed up the process. But I think I'd beneift more from doign it the old fashioned way. Now, just gotta find the time to key up my 1000 or so records....
  10. nice shot. jealous.
  11. The Ableton demo download includes a whole bunch of tutorials. Then after that, youtube or forums are an almost endless source of ideas and inspiration.
  12. Hello Audioenthused. You'll get a lot of different answers to your question, but one of te more common ones will be "downlaod the demo of Ableton Live and try the tutorials". It comes with all these step by step lessons that will get you up and running very quickly.
  13. cosm video was helpful. will try that out tomorrow if i get time. and 1st rebirth is a total classic. I have that on a prolekult re-release vinyl here somewhere. Along with other similar era gems like Access (Misjah and Tim) and Are Am Eye (Commander Tom). Ahh the good old days. Forgot just how heavy on the snare rolls 1st Rebirth was...
  14. Hiya - I've been struggling a bit with where to put my laptop (and soundcard) when jamming. I usually have my Novation Remote 49 SLMK2 controller on a typical X-shaped keyboard stand. But I'm looking to add a laptop shelf to this setup, or get a better stand. The dual stands are so bulky, so ideally some kind of add-on shelf attachment would be ace. Ideally I'd want the laptop in front of me, or slightly off to the side. Any suggestions? Edit: maybe I just need something like this: Mark
  15. Jester, what do you do for a crust, if you don't mind me asking? You have a pretty well-equipped looking studio, a home theatre, and that car can't have been cheap.