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  1. Got a day off tomoz... will be firing up the old music station to have a crack. Might even finish it this time!
  2. Congrats! Streaming the set now from ITM - http://www.inthemix.com.au/fm/45233/S_Angelsi_Shore_Thing_live_act_winner Mind blowing stuff!
  3. Around 1:45 is what I was getting at.
  4. Greta song that one! Yeah! When you do it though don't actually lay your finger down flat, try fretting the strings with the edge of your index finger which faces towards your thumb. Haha kinda hard to explain, I'll see if there's a youtube vid that explains it a little better.
  5. One tip that has stayed with me - when you are fretting a string have your fingers right up next to the fret as opposed to in the middle of the two frets. You'll get a clearer sound with less effort. Also (this may sound obvious) practice chord changes really slowly then build up speed. I know when I first started playing I'd try to play along with CDs and get frustrated really quickly (cat stevens, you're a cunt!) but when I'd turn the CD off, take a breath and have a go at my own pace I'd get there in no time and without the stress (ridin on the peace train).
  6. No, I meant the kick as a whole (the one you have created by layering kicks), make sure when it is triggered there aren't other sounds playing that are dominating the main frequencies it sits in. You can do this by eqing out the bottom end of your percs/bass etc or use sidechaining as you mentioned. If you want the sidechaining to be a bit more subtle try sidechaning a hi pass filter on your bass/percs to the kick rather than the volume. This way the low end of your bass/percs is removed when the kick is triggered rather than the whole sound and with some tweaking it can be very effective. I know very little about phasing etc but I wouldn't worry about it unless you can hear it. I've never needed to layer more than 2 samples myself (one takes care of the click and one takes care of the thud). I'm no production wizard by the way, just sharing a few things that have worked for me in the past.
  7. Layer away, just give them space. When I make a track I just choose any old kick to begin with. After I've made a bass line and there is more action in the low end, if the kick and bass line are clashing I will solo the bass line and preview some kicks while it is playing in the background to see which one fits. Seems to work for me You can do this the other way round too (build your bass around the kick)
  8. I just got a Monomachine . Haven't spent too much time on it yet but so far very very fun.
  9. +1 Dope looking gitbox. Never owned a fancy guitar before and know nothing about the different woods etc. Every maton I've played sounded amazing though! Funtown hobby.
  10. Can't listen to the link right now... It's just a matter of practicing making room for your kick and using a quality sample. Equalize all the low end out of your percs and bline and you will find it cuts through a whole lot more. Choosing the correct sample is really important too ie. a subbier kik for a bass line with lots going on in the low mids/ a clickier higher kick for a subby bassline.
  11. Machinedrum sold! Xiosynth for $250
  12. froggy is so awse.
  13. I bought the Elektron Machinedrum early this year after I got K Rudd bonus. It's in full working order and in very sexy condition... apart from 1 of the little rubber feet which came off somehow. Since I discovered it was missing I just propped it up on a folded peice of paper and didn't notice at all. Could easily be fixed though. If you don't know what this is - http://www.vintagesynth.com/misc/machinedrum.php or do a google search on it or even just search these forums! Awesome, awesome, awesome drum synthesizer/sequencer. I'm selling it because I wanna get an MPC but will be getting another MD or a Monomachine somewhere down the line. Easy to make sweet sounds with. Comes with box, manual, power supply and some delicious Styrofoam. Will post Aus wide at buyers expense or pick up from Torquay Victoria Looking for around $1200 + extra for postage Xiosynth - Synth, audio interface and controller in one. Great for production noob. http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/jan0...onxiosynth.htm I've owned it for a year and a bit, used it on and off.... mainly off. Currently being used as a soundcard, bit of a waste. In great nic, there's a little mark above where it says novation on the back, not sure how it happened... everything works perfectly though. There is now a free software patch editor available! - http://jemap.ifrance.com/documents/37.html Comes with all the stuff: usb cord, box, drivers/manual cd and a brand new power supply (i bought a new one recently because i couldn't find the one it came with). Will post Aus wide at buyers expense or pick up from Torquay Victoria Looking for $300 + extra for postage
  14. Nice! Had never heard of these guys before but I dig it.