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  1. OK, so we can't be friends. Sorry, gotta go - mummy's calling me to lunch.
  2. Bwahahaha. ;D Oh dear...
  3. my problem started when you said, "I want hard numbers done using a proper scientific methodology, and to be honest i don't believe you already have them. Tests i'd consider valid would include: bloah, blah, blah" You calling me a liar son?
  4. A couple of my mates have truths in their studios. I refuse to do any mixing on them. I would rather check the mix on HD-25's, which I seem to do at their place ??? They are good speakers to listen to music on, or plug your behringer DJ mixer into at home, but I struggle to get a mix that translates on them. The top end is overly bright with distortion right up the top, which gives it that 'liquid tweeter' sound. The bottome end is lumpy as hell in every space I've heard them in - I don't care what it says on the spec sheet. They do however seem to have excellent stereo imaging. As a result mixes on them tend to have too much muddy, narrow midrange, and tops are never 'sweet'. I mainly use a pair of Wharfedale ;D speakers that I've had for 10 years, through a very clean NAD amp. I will cry when they break. I know them inside and out, and find them excellent for producing house music. I am against subs for this purpose. The Wharfedales peter out just at the right spot, where I know. It's hard to explain, but it lets me get a big room sound in a small room. I think for me, having a sub makes the track artificially fat because it's right next to you. I like to use tequniques which really work a big sub breathing in a big room, which is a totally different animal.
  5. OK, so Ehsan sent me a couple of nice messages letting me know that I was welcome back here, which I did really appreciate. I had put the whole experience behind me and am truthfully wondering whether I will regret this decision, but after considering the whole thing objectively I've come to the conclusion that it is my responsibility to return for a few reasons. Firstly Cheyne has done such a great job in getting this site up and running. It seems disrespectful to just dump it because one individual got under my skin, especially when he made me feel very welcome here, as did many of you. I also live and breathe music, and am an undeniable nerd. The truth is, I enjoy having intelligent discussions about the things I am interested in. I also enjoy teaching others. I learnt everything I know through reading, experiments and making mistakes. At the time I was coming through the ranks, entertainment tech was a very different industry. There were very little avenues to study the area specifically, and the best place to learn was on the job (it still is). I had one excellent mentor (shout out to Nic Beavis 'the schoolie man' from IDT) who I feel very indebted to. I could never return to him what he gave me, but I can share some of his knowledge and ethos with others. As I'm sure you are all aware, there are not a lot of us music nerds out there, and sites like this are a great place to meet like minds and network. I guess the very nature of this community (having intelligent and creative individuals) could easily result in ego and passion causing collision of opinion. (I've just decided I'm going to write a track called 'Collision of Opinion' haha) So in the spirit of the community, I would like to extend an olive branch to Jester_fu. You are obviously an intelligent guy, and it would be silly to continue on here without making amends. Firstly, I would like to apologise for commenting on your penis. I would like to state to everybody else that I have definitely not seen it. My comments were pure hearsay (I got it off a toilet door). Secondly, I'm going to treat you as I would a personal friend that had pissed me off, and that is to tell you what you did that pissed me off. The reason for this is not to start an argument, but to prevent things going wrong in the future. If you want to keep arguing, you'll ignore it or bite back. On the flipside you may respond constructively. Edit: I have sent these to you in a PM as per your request. If I have done anything to piss you off I apologise, and will now do my best to also respect you at all times. Peace out...
  6. I would like to clear up some mis-information that's been bugging me before I go. A correctly made balanced cable will not ever stop a ground loop. The earth should be connected at both ends, with the shielding connected only at the input side of the cable.
  7. You are a dickhead. I spent a long time testing cable types with proper equipment, when a company I worked for was deciding what cable types to use as standards for cabling their jobs. It is unfortunate that you let your obviously small penis size, get in the way of others sharing knowledge in this forum. I will not return here.
  8. Well actually, I can provide that info. I also have analysis data for various brands of input signal cables. But I'm sure you can find that info on the web as well.
  9. Maybe I'm missing the point of this forum? Surely every topic has been covered on the net before?
  10. Also looking forward to hearing this
  11. Is there another thread that I missed?
  12. Jester, agreed. But if anyone on this forum has a signal chain worth putting those puppies in - then I want specs and pics As far as using power cable as speaker cable, I know for a fact (cause I ran most of it or have serviced it) that many installations use TPS power cable for speaker runs. Examples: Tank ARQ Favela Cargo Every major leagues club Auditorium Sydney Casino But you must remember that Hifi is definiteley a different ball game to big PA's. Signal to noise is a lot more of an issue for starters. I could write a whole page of for and against, but the short answer to your question is, yes you can use power cable for speaker runs if you must.
  13. But seriously, what I find funny about spending that kind of money is that a chain is only as strong as it's weakest link. What kind of cable is used inside your speaker cabinets (from the connector to the driver), or even from the PCB in the amp to the post bindings. I have no doubt that it's super cable though. I have also had an argument with a guy at Harvey norman that tried to coerce me into buying a $400 component video cable. I informed him that I make my own RGBHV cables using belden quad shield coax. He said they weren't as good. He did not, however, have any comeback when I explained to him that I personally made and installed the same cables into the Broadcast Rentals OB truck, and asked him how the quality could ever be better than that considering the weakest link conundrum? Even if his $400 cables are better, they cannot improve on the quality of picture coming out of the camera, can they?
  14. Can I use it as a mic lead for my PA?
  15. I would like to state for the record that I cannot stand football, footballers and all things football related. Bunch of thugs.