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  1. thanks great choice for the remix too - can't wait to hear what you guys come up with 8)
  2. can someone tell a tard like me how to download the parts - log in and click http://soundpunk.com/?action=throughtome it takes me to a new page where I'm not logged in - I log in and it takes me back to the sp home page rinse repeat X( using firefox - will try with another browser... Edit - works ok with IE....
  3. New Thingamagoop with CV and programmable arduino :-* http://bleeplabs.com/thingamagoop2/ Ue1esrT33tU Blue looks cute
  4. yeah that chick's hot ... wait what? amazing stuff ... what was with the Metellica "nothing else matters" bit at the end?
  5. for Launchpad or Max for Live?
  6. not sure site still says TBA ... wondering how much it's going to be too
  7. Hmm, only have live 6 (which should support Automap) but says Launchpad only supports Live 7 and up... probably due for an upgrade anyway - and this with Max for Live would be very fun
  8. mmm... duelling vicious sid sammich ... tasty http://www.midibox.org/dokuwiki/sammichsid
  9. nice toys - micro punk sounds great
  10. nah studio/workbench well overdue for a cleanup - will try and find some space this weekend - have about 6 modules I have to build! Still haven't ordered bits for the MIDI-CV module either :slack:
  11. shweet Got kits for 2 of these on their way at the mo http://www.elby-designs.com/panther/cgs747-cynare/cgs747.htm
  12. you an Aussie? think Musiclink distribute Korg here - if it's still under warranty they should fix it for you or be able to quote for repairs/parts - otherwise Logitronics or someone might be worth a call...
  13. maybe - can we work out some sort of time-share arrangement...?
  14. http://fa.utfs.org/diy/rolandsh101/Roland-SH101-Service-Manual.pdf Thought it might be handy for some peeps around here - me, I'll just drool and dream of the day when I'll have my own...
  15. hi, sorry again for the delays but I want to do a complete rewrite of the sequencer to try and get the timing a bit more stable (dcer: the midi clock isn't accurate to the bpm readout and the 16th's seem to be out sometimes but it does keep everything on the beat). With the new version I'm thinking of the following - any input from sequencer heads or touch pad guru's would be great : Drum Track page x8: - Drawable Note velocity's (default length - hold a button and draw to length quantized to 64th's) - Step mutes - space for something else - D-pad for seq fwd/back & track mute/solos, random - X/Y/A/B select track.... Note Track page x4: - Step Velocities (default - draw gates - hold button to draw in 16th steps) - Piano Roll to select pitch (buttons scroll up/down) Pattern Page x16: - Edit all 8 Drum Tracks and 4 Note Tracks at once (hold key and touch track to enter Track Page) Sequence Matrix: - Shows all 16 patterns (can extend to more later) to mix and match parts from different patterns. - Hold key and draw to loop through selected patterns? Global page: Set bpm, drum ch/notes, note ch's load/save etc. If I can implement CC's with this as well and not effect the midi timings that would be great but otherwise I am thinking of doing a seperate app for that.