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  1. hey luke had a look at the page you suggested, there's a few things i'll have to check on my PC. how did you end up fixing your problem? does pro tools work smoothly on your computer now?
  2. thanks for the tips guys my hard drive is 7200rpm and built in but it is getting pretty full. I defragmented it just the other day but it didn't help my pro tools problem. I reckon i'll get a new firewire hard drive soon for all my sessions, hopefully that will help a bit. Wouldn't hurt to get some more RAM as well but a bit strapped for $$$ at the moment. Does anyone know roughly how much 512MB of RAM would cost for PC?
  3. thanks for the tips recorded a few last night and they turned out pretty good. had 5 people in a line and moved the louder people back a bit and the quieter people forward. the guys i recorded had done it before and reckon that it sounds better and fuller recording and layering 5 people who know what their doing than 10 guys and only half of them know what their doing. its easier to hear what people are doing wrong with only 5 people. The guys being recorded had to put on deeper voice really shout loud, each line took a few takes to get everyone in time, hitting the right note and finishing together. I used two AKG c414s set to cardiod polar pattern and overdubbed each gang shout twice so that I can spread them out over the stereo image and it also sounds fuller. Ended up having everyone about 1.5 metres back from the mics so as to not get too much of the room. I also helped with the gang shouts, never done it before but was good fun! Donnie Darko - if your looking for some bands that use a lot of gang shouts have a listen to comeback kid (they use heaps of them! Have a listen to their songs on myspace) and a lot of the more old school sounding hardcore bands such as sick of it all, gorilla buscuits, youth of today and 7 seconds use them them a fair bit. A few others I can think of off the top of my head: Municipal waste, hatebreed, pennywise, terror and raised fist to name a few.
  4. i've recently recorded some demos for my friends hardcore punk/thrash band and i am soon recording overdubs of gang shouts (that is a group of people shouting back up vocals, often used in punk and metal recordings). Has anyone recorded these before? I have a mate who has done them before and after talking to him I've decided to use 2 AKG c414s a metre apart and about 3 metres away from 7 people in a line who will be doing the gang shouts. Never done this before and don't know how its gonna turn out. I figure if i use 2 mics I can pan them left and right and having them a couple of metres away from the sound source will pick up some of the room and sound more like a single instrument. Probably use some artificial reverb during mixing to give more of a backup vocal sound as well. Anyone got any tips? Is there something i'm planning to do that might need to be changed?
  5. thanks heaps i'll let you know how i get on
  6. A friend of mine wants me to remix and master a few of his death metal band's tracks recorded onto Pro Tools that will be pressed onto vinyl. I've never done mixing or mastering for vinyl and another friend of mine suggested that I need to check the if the low end is out of phase because this can cause the needle to jump and he also said that I need to not put in too much low frequencies because the phono amp will boost the low end a bit. has anyone mixed/mastered material that has been pressed onto vinyl? Is their any other suggestions you could make? How does the track sound on vinyl compared to the mix in Pro Tools (or whatever program/tape the tracks were recorded onto) in terms of frequency content, level and dynamics? any suggestions would be appreciated cheers
  7. I bought an Mbox several months ago and installed pro tools version 7 that came with it. I keep getting the error message "The operating system held off interrupts for too long. If this occurs frequently, try increasing the H/W Buffer Size in the Playback Engine Panel (-6086)" which causes the playback/recording to stop. Some days this error comes up every 10-15secs of playback and other times the track will play right through. I've tried increasing the h/w buffer size to its maximum but this usually doesn't help at all. I've also tried reducing it to its minimum without success. I’ve check the digidesign website and tried some of their suggestions for fixing this error such as disabling CPU throttling and creating a new hardware profile optimized for pro tools without success I have all of my programs installed on the same hard drive as all of my pro tools sessions, will getting a new hard drive solve this problem with the sessions on their own hard drive? I’ve only got 512MB of RAM on my computer but the error comes up whether I am using plug-ins or not. Will more RAM help? Any suggestions would be appritiated coz in larger sessions Pro Tools is almost unuseable cheers