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  1. vcool the risset thing scares me like rb ... feels perfectly constant meter even tho its ramping xlnt
  2. sounds... ok good bad happy sad right wrong alright no good not bad polly wally crappy shit etc too many to list really
  3. all you need now is to get that little carry pouch sewn into all ya undies ... i'm gonna wait for the wristwatch version bling xo
  4. now you made me cry rock with no roll ....sweet thnx
  5. watch 'cape fear' and you will get the idea. generally a relaxing time to be had by the whole family
  6. the guilty side of my brain is saying 'glowing' tune boys well done really !!! keep up the good work and respect will be your deserved reward. honestly i think i love youze xoxo
  7. thats the kind of track that will pull chicks after the show.......... which is a surprise from u f#!s. i dont care how u did it. i cant hear anyone collapsing ...... take more of everything and try again. ps this site is soundPUNK not soundEMOTEK