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  1. Awesome!! Thank you!
  2. Hey All! Long time no speak! I have a problem and I can not figure out how to solve it and was hoping that the fantastic minds here would be able to assist..... I have Pro Tools 9 and it was licenced to an ilok which I do not have. I bought a new ilok today and I can not put the new Pro Tools upgrade to 11 on it as it needs Pro Tools 9 licence to approve it. It is doing my head in and I do not know how to fix it. I have emailed an email I founf on the AVID site but I am not holding out any hope as they only say America in the support area, not Australia...... If anyone can help please let me know... I am ready to pull my hair out!! Thanks in advance!
  3. who doesn't love a nice big juicy ...... bass line?
  4. That is my facebook page!
  5. I'm in!
  6. i will give it a shot, if it is over the holidays!
  7. I still have more than 1 handful, more like 2 or 3!!
  8. ^^^^ Ha ha ha!! Happy Birthday Mr Bell!!!! Have a great day! And get royally wasted for the occasion!!! Amz
  9. Meat Loaf................ :bang:
  10. I still cant believe that the padded cell got listed to stay there, it is freaky I recorded in there one day and it has the weirdest vibe, and my computer switched off at one stage, for not apparent reason.
  11. Well, where do I start? Tip 1 - Never mistake sleeping tablets for no-doz tablets. That was a fun hangover :S I can't think of anymore at the moment, I really should get back to writing reports :S Yay!
  12. All good, I'm of age!!
  13. Well, you should see my awesome shoe collection! Just ask Robbie, he asked to borrow a few pairs!
  14. How do you know that I dont like talking 'gear' too?
  15. I will see what I can do!!!!!!