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  1. Haven't posted here in a while but anyway have been investigating room acoustics lately and man what a deep deep hole that is! One minute you are reading how to make your own bass traps next thing you are reading about gas flow resistance. Ouch. The kicker for all this is that my wife and I bought a house last year, up until recently have been a bit slack on the production (also got myself a border collie pup, which is insanely time consuming). The last few months has seen my bands desire to finally record an EP hit all new levels - so I have taken on the project. Figured since my test mixes haven't translated to other systems all that well and I no longer rent, might as well do a bit of work on the sound of my room. First thing I have done is made my own bass traps. I have ignored common wisdom and not built frames for my bass traps but stuffed pillow cases with rockwool, Bradford Soundscreen R2.5 1160x430x88 6 batts per pack @$36 (density 42m/3) and $35 for 10 pillow cases. I was able to layer 8 pillows with 3/4 of a batt (88mm+44mm). Cheap as (did I mention Im also on a tight budget due to said owning of house - Im also relatively inept in the DYI space). I stapled the pillows with longest side horizontal to one corner of my room. So far has evened out the bass response in that corner a bit and can definitely hear extra clarity in some of my reference tracks. Due to space requirements and room design I wasn't able to get them the recommended 50cm from the wall - they are about 10-20cm from the wall. I had been warned about using rockwool, so I covered my body head to toe. I still got a bit itchy but not too bad. Next will make some more of these for the other corners that dont have doors in the way. Have also ordered some HF acoustic foam (500hz+) for early reflection. Ordered from - (the stuff these guys have is pretty cheap and gets good reviews - some mates have used and swear by it). Going to have install curtain rods and hang these from roof, and depending on how I go with side reflections might put some on the roof as well. I'm really excited about how all this is going to work - even if it isn't perfect I have still learnt a shitload. Have found this website to have some really good information. They do sell a product but they offer a lot of info and have a lot of stuff on forums out there helping people. Pretty good business model really. It's intense but fun and hopefully oneday I will get out of the hole with my brain intact. When it's all done I will try and remember to post some photos of this monstrosity (and it will be a monstrosity!).
  2. Masters of the universe (live action movie) - nostalgic garbage Louis Theroux - seasons 1-3 season 1 and 3 are great. In season 3 He really pushes the line. The modern master of pleasantly invasive journalism. Solaris - Russias 70s answer to 2001 - deep, slow and trippy. Fell asleep. (probably didn't help that it was 5am and I was hung over like a mule.). From what I did see it was superior to 2001 (except in the visuals department), but then again I find most of Kubrick's stuff fairly pretentious, albeit good looking. Tonight I am re-visiting willow (mostly because I recently watched life's too short - which was good but not gervais' best stuff). And at some stage this weekend I want to watch Lawrence of Arabia, which is a pretty boring movie really but I love the score and the desert.
  3. For sound treatment in my new room - I whacked a few rolls of unused carpet in a corner and placed a couple of canvas' in front of them (more for aesthetics). My wife also had 6 square canvas which she had very neatly covered with old band t-shirts - I filled the inside of them with carpet underlay - I then hung them in two rows about head height when sitting; opposite my monitors. Didn't think it would work (i don't really know much about accoustics) but it seemed to create a sweet spot exactly where I sit and removed a fair bit of the reverb- the rest of the room is a bit bassy in certain spots but not too bad considering how it was when I started.
  4. in terms of audio interface - the RME babyface is an awesome option (apart from being a bit expensive) - the breakout cables are a great initiative and the sound quality of the inputs is awesome. can't reccomend it enough.
  5. yeah policing it is the hard bit - but maybe the way around that is for labels to offer free sampler cd's (or itunes download packs) with a few non-single tracks or b-sides from a select group of bands/artists.
  6. yeah im full of it apparently
  7. So i have started using Kontakt - absolutely love it. Problem I am having is routing when using the drum samples (eg studio drummer, abbey road etc etc). I know how to route using the kontakt mixer and how to use the macros and so on, however I want to be able to route the kick to a track, snare to track etc without having to load individual instances of a sample pack for each drum piece - does anyone know if there is a way to do it? I won't say I have exhaustively searched the interwebs but I have put in a fair bit of time researching and havent found anything as such- if any kontakt heads could point me in the right direction it would be appreciated.
  8. Well given the last 3 years have consisted of; live with parents to save for 6 month overseas holiday, have holiday, live with parents to save to buy house, buy house - with not much opportunity to write music - I am pretty pumped to write a lot of music. Other plans are (in no particular order); learn to build shit, learn to fix shit, build new shit at house, fix shit that breaks at house, fall into a lot of money so I can quit my job, have a kid, find a job that inspires me a lot more than IT (and that hopefully pays as well or better), do some online courses on something of interest.
  9. a couple of my bands do that as well - when we want to remember a new track we all whack our iphones on record and it does the trick. I also use an app AC Core 7 (i think thats the name) on the ipad to control pro tools when I am laying down drum tracks or standing/listening in different parts of the room. Quite handy for that. Other apps I use musically are for shits and giggles. I think the usefulness of idevices as serious musicmaking tool is limited by the fact that to transfer data you either need to use a 3rd party app, itunes sync or hack the device. Until you can drag and drop natively it won't amount to much. Of course I know nothing of android so can't comment on that.
  10. My attitude is support the little guys where you can. If you don't want to buy the CD's, if you like them and don't want to buy them; at least try and go to a gig and support that way. Personally since the advent of itunes, iphones et al; I have been buying everything - it's really handy to have almost whatever music you want instantly and cheap. I think that has been a bit of a game changer.
  11. How awesome is the hong kong skyline!! Looks awesome when you are catching that mental tram up that mountain at night. And flying in is just dazzling... But apparently used be even better when the airport wasn't so far out of the city.
  12. In the words of Carl Sagan billions upon billions
  13. AUD.. Which had just hit parity with usd
  14. I sheepishly procured one on friday and have gotta say bit of a fan boi now, which also confirms that I am a 100% pure hypocrite as I ethically hate apple/mac/foxcon. The AC Core 7 app is very cool gives me wireless control over the protools mixer. Add to that FL Studio, office, citrix, sketching apps, magazine apps, reading apps, sim city and abc iveiw... <3
  15. plenty of good quality western food in tokyo - leaving tokyo slightly different story. Food is pretty well priced we were getting meals for the two of us for a total of around $15 total. It can be very expensive eg drinking at the New York Bar and Grill (aka lost in translation bar) for 2 or so drinks for 6 of us, plus entry cost around $600 - but the place is up there. Accomodation is expensive, rail is cheap except for the shinkanzen/nozomo servicing the rest of japan which is exetremely expensive (get a jrail pass in before getting to japan is a bit cheaper. Food and beer from the mini marts is about the same as australian prices. Electronic goods tend to be a little on the cheaper side with a bigger range of stuff.