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  1. cheers spec im good mate, starting to make some pretty cool tuneskis (still got the midi keyboard you sold us), thought id drop in for some advice. ill check out the threads, thanks
  2. I am contemplating adding a sub to my current setup as i feel that my monitors just arent getting me over the line when playing with low levels. I have Tapco S5 monitors and i am cosidering getting the SW10 (Tapco) sub to pair with the monitors. I dont have a very big room but i am moving out to a much bigger place soon, hopefully a 4x4 meter room to plonk my stuff in will be on the cards. Is this something i should add to my setup or should i be altering the setup to get the most out of what ive got, without a sub? Any advice would great.
  3. im very impressed with it, been a pleasure to use and any techincal info is readily available on the net. drum rack is awesome too.
  4. i access alot of samples from an external hdd and it doesnt seem to mind the load at all... Im pretty sure you wont notice much different between local and external hdd.
  5. i totally agree, its so fucked sitting here at working and not being next to my gear using the help i get of this site, its the bomb
  6. such a wicked video, cheers heaps for that. I was captivated for ages watching it, really taught me a few cool techniques
  7. Ive got several issues with my M-Audio Audiophile USB and vista. I did download the new vista drivers from m-audio, installed them fine but cant get the card to work properly at all. After the first restart i was able to get very distorted sound only on the left speaker (or left headphone) and this was at full volume on the card and pc. After fiddling for at least another hour i was able to get sound coming out perfectly, no issues at all, though this didnt last long. I left the pc for about 30mins, had some dinner, came back and had exactly the same issue as before. Ive tried 4 USB ports and multiple driver refreshes. I do have onboard sound (currently disabled) and a creative SB!live PCI card which i will be taking out of the machine when i get home from work. Has anyone got any suggestions as to why or how i can fix this issue, im pretty sure its a hardware contflict so i will try removing all sound drivers and starting over again (with the creative card removed and onboard disabled). Has anyone else had similar problems? If i cant get it working tonight im gonna get XP pro back on try with that, im pretty much over vista already, its annoying the shit outta me.
  8. much appreciated. will def try the driver when i get home tonight. other than that, ive been looking at an m-audio audiophile usb card for a bit now, considering lashing out for one, anyone recommend this?
  9. cheers for moving it phil, had a bit of a brain snap when posting... ill get all the info i need tonight when i go home and check it all out again, will post after im home.
  10. Not really to do with speakers/monitors, though i need some opinion on which sound card to buy. looking at so far, tho if anyone else has a suggestion for around the same price please post. ive got sennhieser hd 25 which are great but its the onboard soundcard i got that gives a delay when typing notes out. a mate suggested that i turn down the sample sizing in ableton, which i will try tonight, but another told me i will need a decent soundcard to stop the delaying.