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  1. if you enjoyed zen and the art you have to read the follow-up, Lila. I just finished it... it will change your world
  2. yeah, that would be cool.
  3. send this to sven vath?? love the rythym dude, that little bass fill every now then is nice. Dont know if all the "melodies" fit together well. I can see the progression of them towards the one at the end, which is so cool, but the earlier ones just dont do it for me.
  4. 16 crappy bars!! 8) [mp3=400,30,0,center]http://www.soundpunk.com/downloads/public/tunes_and_tracks/electrobeat.mp3[/mp3]
  5. must reads confessions of an economic hitman - story of i guy that used to con countries into multi billion dollar loans from the IMF the alchemist - Paulo coehlo --- absolute classic. everyone should read it. Lila - Robert Pirsig -- the sequel to zen and the art of motorcyle maintenance. more a straight up explanation of a new meta physics
  6. not monsters? sometimes a cry myself to sleep wondering if the soundpunks are gonna eat me.
  7. Last night I saw Bjork perform at the Sydney Opera House. Despite "that" voice, a full horn section and some old guy on a very old looking organ there was two guys running all the synths and things, these are the two guys I'm interested in for now. There was large lcd screens showing what they were doing a lot of the time, and most of the ime the were sing lemur touchscreen contorllers. I could only glimpse the synths, but there was one of those white and blue long skinny ones, whose name escapes me now. For one song they used a tenori-on and then, one of them used this thing called a reactable. OMFGZ anyone seen anything about these. they look like a lot of fun. and I mean a lot of fun. there is more videos there, but this is how they used it on stage. FQwW3dp2FZY
  8. a computer that could produce a peice of music based on a paitning or similar that it could analyse. esp if it could read not just colour and form, but also small things like brush strokes and contrasts of colours. If a computer could do that and produce random peices of music within set fields of probability based on what it was "seeing" it could be an interesting experiement. possibly sound art more than music though.
  9. anyone seen that guy at sydney protests with a stero in a wheelie bin? you could put an esky in there as well.
  10. what sort of picnics are you guys having?
  11. from the korg website. Multi Sets provide easy setup and instant recall of 16-part multi-timbral groupings for use with your external DAW software. Is this just a clever way oif saying you can set 16 "favourite parts" but only play two at once? edit:apparently not on the korg forums --- http://www.korgforums.com/forum/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?=&p=158635 but this thread is about the R3 isnt it, which is different.
  12. the microX is multi-timbral, allegedly. where'd you see it for $800? in aus?
  13. I've looked into getting this as well. I wonder if it can play multiple channels from my rm1x though.
  14. who you callin turkey?!? Got Beef?