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  1. i want to be in a band like this. let's start one. watch for bells ~4.30
  2. longtime nopunk, hi fellas Celebrate your Aprils with this 8bit rendition of Dark Side of the Moon. Factually incorrect title, it's not for SID but for NES, composed with Famitracker.
  3. wait... you progfusioned without me?? a la king crimson!??? i can't love you any more
  4. it also stars one of the lesser daddo's, is called Body Melt, and is fucken awesome
  5. alright, enough with the bad yolks already........
  6. i'm particularly fond of the precision cut. plus they match the wood grain nicely.
  7. Hey there flash, apols for the uber-late reply (7 months isn't too bad?) i'll give you the quick answer now, the macro controls are on the main massive page in the bottom-right corner - the 8 yellow knobs. you can assign each of these knobs to many other controls, so that adjusting one macro control will affect all the assigned paramenters. For instance, you could have Macro 1 assigned to a filter cutoff and to drive level on the tube effect. turning the macro knob up would both open the cutoff and increase the drive level. This can be very handy for creating morphs between different aspects of a sound. One macro knob could alter all the wave-table positions, another could be used to crossfade patterns on 2 or more sequencers. the names such as "scream" "fx mix" etc. are entered by the user and intended to be descriptive names to help you remember what each macro is supposed to do.
  8. yeah the autosizing. i meant to mention i am widescreenering. not having a go at your web design skills cheyne they are far above and beyond mine (which mostly extend to posting inappropriate kermit.gif's) but i do honestly find the new design more difficult to read. will see what i can do on my end.
  9. i find it a bit difficult to connect the "recent posts" on the right of the index with the topic on the left since they are so far apart now and the gradient being the only vertical seperator so when i try to read the index page my focus slides all over the place. it's probably just my inattentive eyes.
  10. so uh.... i find the new colours/design quite difficult to read. is there a retro skin for us crusties who need a little more seperation between posts/topics/etc?
  11. oh dearie.. happy birthday guys
  12. i just saw this, will dl the pack and give it a bash in the ol' cubase great idea though guys
  13. ohno she's doing it wrong! good luck with the lessons
  14. woop excellentage tried googling for code snippets? you might find an email form box thing out there. i am also htmlegendary
  15. food loaf. take one load of yesterdays bread, slice off the top and hollow out the middle. fill the cavity with mashed potato and any other vegetable you may have (we used cherry tomatoes, garlic cloves and radishes) with some kitchen twine, tie the top of the loaf back on. rub it with a little olive oil, the loaf too, and stick it in the oven until crusty on the outside. et voila, the reason ehsan and myelf are still here today.