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  1. Yep fair point, that's just some of my own observations/lessons/experience that you hadn't touched on... And I digressed a little! Something else that came to mind (as I'm building a new workspace - I'll refrain using "studio" to describe it) is setting up your gear. Initially I went through so many iterations of cable routing and gear placement, but the final state was one of minimal cable length and patching, and a biggy being ergonomics. There's no point having the latest and greatest outboard gear but with the care and diligence of set up, it can be wasted. In short - less is more and keep your routing neat and accessible!
  2. Great article mate! Some thoughts/experiences I've had: I come from a jazz/rock back ground, and have studied music in one form or another for most of my life, but when I started out with electronic music (listening and writing) I found it wasnt so easy - contrary to popular belief! So I broke it down, and thought HOW does this music work? Put simply, Dance music is to be danced to! Melody, harmony, sight reading and improvisation had suddenly taken a passengers seat... Your baseline and your drums/percussion need to work together. Not just like 2 mechanics in the same garage, but like a sniper and his spotter, a climber and his belayer - name your similie! Get those two working in perfect unison and your most of the way there. In regards to the unique snowflake (brilliant), i don't want to sound conceited, but listening to a lot of artists I find a pitfall is writing songs with a harmonic/melodic structure that isn't on par with the rhythm section. If you're going to use chords and key changes or whatever, do a bit of study and form ( at least) a basic understanding of chord relations, construction etc. As cheyne stated, many new artists have been djs and are coming in from that side, and I have to say, it's often very obvious when that's the extent of musical understanding. Not saying anything I write is better than anyone else, but if music is a passion, do yourself a favour and learn it! Looking forward to P2!!
  3. Sorry about the grave dig, I had heaps of problems with my saffire (10/10) and just recently worked out it was due to the card not being a 6pin port (the 2 extra pins are for power). I had been using the wall wart for a couple of years! Even though the 2 pins are just for power, it seemed to affect data transfer too - connection issues etc. I imagine the OP has his problem sorted by now, but for those new to the unit, it's certainly something worth checking Oh, and first time I've been on this for a LONG time, glad to see it's going strong!
  4. Hey Spec, just a little Mbox2 Wait, theres a first CD? Of course CD2
  5. So it's been nearly 12 months in the making... but after many jumped-through-hoopsand failed attempts at alternatives, I've finally orderd a my first PTLE System. To make things more exciting, I've even got some acoustic treatment on the way! Its been a rough year for me, hence my absence, but this is a little present to myself to get me motivated again. *leans back in arm chair, queues Sasha GU009, track 5 - yes, THAT track*
  6. Man.... has it really been that long since the first LM remix comp? where the frig have I been!>?!>?! I think im destined not to record anything... everytime I get my groove on I get major system destruction.
  7. Id like to go new I f I can find the right deal. Ensuring licenses etc are all legit is part of that reason. Cheers
  8. Rightio So ive just built up a PC with those specs in mind. Its a beast! Just looking around now for a good deal on a 003. Any last minute advice!? Anders - thanks again for your help mate!
  9. Anders, mate that is EXACTLY the information I was looking for - you're a freakin legend! :clap: I'm building a PC this week so it was a very timely reply! In regards to a gfx card, is Tools really that intensive of graphics? I mean., we're not talking high speed 3D rendering here... It's inconsequential as my card will easily meet the requirements but im interested to know. Thanks a bunch none the less! Spec: yeah I saw that unit yesterday, heres hoping I can scrape enough spondoola together before someone else takes it!
  10. Thanks for that Spec 8) Ill investigate. Main reason for not going Mac/Logic route is cash. The 003 (or all LE powered Hardware) is now bundled with ProTools8?
  11. No, Not yet!
  12. Hey again guys! Thinking of making the switch to Tools from Logic 5 (I know, I know). Looking at a 003rack. I know digidesign have a list of approved hardware (computer hardware) but I cannot find it anywhere. Im upgrading my PC shortly and thought I may as well ensure all the components will work with ProTools. Any other catches or things I should be aware of before swapping over? Cheers fellas... I know its been a long time between drinks for me here
  13. ^ yeah I reckon! Already looking at more lenses - a 50mm prime and a decent tele are next on the list - oh, and a tripod, and some more memory cards and batteries... hmm.... damn woman is sending me broke! ;D
  14. SOLD!
  15. My lovely Girlfriend organised everyone to (secretly) chip in for a D60 for my birthday last sunday! Stoked!!! Its great, really loving it.