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  1. Just read the announcement on inthemix and recognised the winners name and that he is a regular on these forums! Congrats man, that a pretty cool set to be playing!
  2. you sure can. go onto the site and it says they will post it overseas
  3. just ordered it online. i think it might be helpful to clear up some areas that im not too familiar with
  4. quality review. i dont mind going against the mainstream, but only so far. ill take your much appreciated comments and see what i can do with this baby. yes i listened to your track bomber run and i must say it doesnt really fit in a particular genre but it was fucking sweet!! thanks for the comments anyone else?
  5. p.s be critical
  6. Havent got a name for this, but id appreciate the feedback Not complete, im not too sure if i like the clap yet and the structure needs some work too i think... Also my levels are all over the place too Anyways let me know what you all think Cheers [mp3=400,30,0,center];topic=1803.0;attach=612[/mp3]
  7. where and how do u register a domain?
  8. interesting... is one particular type of synthesis better then the other?
  9. just read about subtractive and im gona say that massive is a subtractive synthesiser?
  10. Massive, Korg Legacy, z3ta... there probably my main ones...
  11. As noticed by Spectrum over at inthemix i posted in a thread but didnt get much response on the question... "anyone got any links for some descriptions of each synthesis type and how they work? ive never really taken much interest in what type of synth im using, i just use it..." ie FM, subtractive and the rest...
  12. exactly like that
  13. sweeeeeeeeettt thanks alot for that! any tips though on how i could make it sound more tougher sounding like in the clip?
  14. As heard it missy elliot - work it... Heres a sample... If anyone has the loop it would be awesome. Its the cymbally thing lol i dont know what to call it... Heard it alot of Hip Hop tracks... [mp3=400,30,0,center];topic=1760.0;attach=577[/mp3]