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  1. Last time I had a home studio with lots of equipment, I was insured (contents or 'renters insurance') with -now that I think about it I can't remember but I'm pretty sure I went with someone I already had insurance with, possibly RACV- never had to claim so can't comment. I would recommend choosing one that you already have some insurance with and get a discount, even if they don't offer one you should be able to negotiate one as an existing customer. They didn't require me to take down serial numbers but suggested it was a good idea to have photographic evidence of what I own. Wasn't required to insure specific items for specific values, I think they generally pay market value on items up to a certain cost (like $5000 or something, prolly depends on the insurer) so if you have big ticket items like a Jupiter 8 or something like that, you might list that for a specific value.
  2. The AU$ dropped more than two cents in the last week...
  3. Fwoar, I remember reading this when it came out. Never made the connection! Nice one Phil
  4. Sounds great!!
  5. The siren song of Melbourne claims another victim. Will be good to have ya on the right side of the country
  6. Subscribed to the whole site. Cheers, will update!
  7. I thought it was just down for a bit when the migration was happening because it started working again but now for the past 36 - 48 hours I have been getting the following error from Mail: "The feed could not be loaded because the content is not in a known feed format." Anyone else having this or is it just my Apple being a fucktard?
  8. That would explain why RSS wasn't working earlier. Nice work, Cheyne!
  9. Loving it! I approve of having a 303 as a band member
  10. Welcome! Absolutely loving getting into Massive lately and this will be a great help.
  11. I doubt you'll find plugs that match those. Better bet would to have the input and output jacks on the recorder updated to 1/4" or RCA - then use off the shelf leads. Should be a fairly simple job for a tech or someone handy with a soldering iron.
  12. This nuffy has accidentally (or not?) posted his SH101 in the Drum Machines section of eBay instead of Synthesizers and may avoid the attention of a lot of bidders. Potential good price here I'm not in the market so thought I'd share because I love you guys:
  13. My cuz might want the mixing desk. Can you tell me about the USB implementation? Is it just 2in/2out or can you send individual channels or subgroups to the PC?