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  1. Hi, I'm looking for a Roland Juno 106. I am located in Adelaide, but I am prepared to pay for a courier from interstate. I am looking to pay between $500 and $800, depending on the condition of the unit. Please e-mail me at [email protected] Kind regards
  2. IMO... see if you can get a KS4/KS5 or K-Station. These synths have essentially the same synth engine as the Xio (without the gator thing) but they have a vocoder and more knobs. If you can't find one of these older synths, an X-Station is still better than a Xio.
  3. i honestly can't see the point in this nocturn thingo. whats it got, like 8 knobs? what a pile of poo.
  4. laptop + whatevs. =D i really can't relate to those micro synths... see, software is pretty good these days and the sonic benefits of hardware are dwindling. clearly the last leg remaining is the fact that you can touch the knobs. micro synths deprive you of this too much for my liking.
  5. Hello, I'm after an MS-20 controller from the original Korg Legacy Collection package. You may keep the software, I only want the controller. I'm in Adelaide. All sane prices considered. Cheers.
  6. sounds good mate. who wants to be my contact?
  7. Hay guise! I'm heading over to Melbs on the 15th for my 21st. I need to be educated re: where to get on it. We all like house & electro, but hate rnb, hip hop, ravers, raving, raves and phat pants. There will be 5 guys and 4 girls, so getting into the more selective clubs shouldn't be too much of an issue - being the arrogant/pretentious cunts that we are, we would actually prefer these places haha, as long as people there aren't all uptight and boring. Recommendations? If possible, say what nights they are best and expected dress code. We need somewhere to go on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. Also, other than sleeping, what are some cool things to do during the day? Thanks kiddlets!
  8. i got an echo audiofire. the specs are a bit better than the presonus fireboxes and the edirols. given echo's track record for drivers (they were among the first to release stable vista drivers), the decision was a no brainer for me. i got my audiofire4 for $350 shipped. try gigasonic or novamusik if you choose to buy. an audiofire4 will give you enough analog i/o for two synths, or one synth and two mics. you then have the digital i/o's, should you choose to use them. i think this is plenty for most people - with the quality of modern soft synths, i can't see the point in getting more than 1 or 2 synths. hell, if you get a virus ti, you don't even need the i/o, because it is all over usb! edirols and presonus aren't BAD though... just slightly out-done by the echos, imo.
  9. 8" behringer truths event tr6s yamaha hs80ms all other budget monitors are crap imo. behringers do suck, but for the price you get alot! if you want to just get something that "will do for now", then upgrade later, buy behringers. if you a/b between the events and high end monitors, you will notice they have a very similar sort of frequency response. that is, they are very linear, with strong mids. obviously the tr6s don't go as low though. the krk rokit series do not have this sound - they have the obligatory prosumer scoop in the mids. the yamaha hs80ms are about half way between tr6s and RP8s, in that they have less of a scoop in the mids, but the bass is not as tight as on tr6s. when you're auditioning monitors, listen for this and you will see what I mean. if you don't have golden ears, try a/b each set of speakers with a pair of dynaudio bm6as or high end emes speakers, as these are both extremely flat sounding monitors. for the record, other than behringers (which you know will be shit, but good for the price), i would not touch any 8" monitors other than the HS80ms at this price range. RP8s are a horrid excuse for a monitor and the woofer has been poorly matched. You lose the tightness in the bass completely and the transient response is less than ideal. remember, on average, the larger a woofer is, the lower it will go in bass AND HIGHS. therefore, matching a cheap, narrow sounding 8" woofer is always a problem. conversely, a cheap 6" woofer can be easily matched, as they will still hold a strong sound at the crossover point. this is why 6" monitors always have much better mids, albeit at the expense of bass depth. if you must get krks for some reason, get rp6s and add the sub later. beyond this point, you might as well save up for a decent pair: mackie hr824 dynaudio bm5a adam a7
  10. it will die VERY quick if youre doing audio stuff on it
  11. just remember guys, the SSD has a limited lifetime (flash memory will die after a certain number of writes). seeing as the SSD is soldered onto the motherboard and can't be replaced, i would advise running all your working files off USB or SD cards. when you install windows, disable the swapfile. this is an absolute must. if you wan't to go a step further, put your user profile on USB/SD, this way all your temp files won't be running off the SSD.
  12. on that note, what will be in 2.0? just a facelift? sp is already way more sexual than most forums. a facelift alone seems a bit pointless to me!
  13. i used to be right into the graphics community (devart, depthcore etc. etc.). did a fair bit of 3d abstract "random light burst explosion shit", back in the day when it was still cool. give me an assignment and i'll see what i can do... or find something you like and show us what you are expecting.
  14. ive done a fair bit of web design. what are you after?
  15. The external instrument/effects thing means you can't use a hardware synth as an instrument channel or a hardware effect as an effect channel/send. You can, however, route a midi or audio channel out to that device and back in again. Therefore, you CAN use external instruments/effects, you just cant use them like a VST or an insert etc. For the record, a Virus TI will work the same in CS4 as it will in C4 (VST), so it is unnaffected by the external instrument thingo. Personally, I think most inbuilt VSTs are crap. In that regard, you aren't missing out on much in CS4. The only other major thing I can think of is the new channel EQ. CS4 uses the same one as SX3, whereas C4 uses a newer one. Again, most cheap 3rd party plugins absolutely piss all over both of them (eg. Voxengo Gliss EQ) so it's a bit irrelevant IMO! Cubase/Studio 4 also runs very well on Vista (for me and most others). This is a big selling point for Cubase 4, as most other DAWs don't. Overall, Cubase 4 is a bit more temperamental than SX3 though. I strongly recommend you don't go downloading thousands of freeware VSTs and throw them in your plugin folder. Stick with big names (NI, Voxengo, Sonalksis, etc.), be prudent (one or two VSTs per purpose), and you will have no problems. PS. My Cubase is off the market, I decided to stay with it in the end!