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  1. I think the site had them listed at US$2999. There was mention of a R2 webcam as well but I haven't checked it yet.
  2. Hi Guys, I have been off site for a while so I hope I haven't doubled up on a previous link but I came across this today and just had to share. http://www.nikkoamerica.com/nhe/dvd_projector_video.html Cheers, Ajent X
  3. I has one but to be honest I haven't tried it out yet and I didn't think it would be suitable for this type of application. I'm happy for it to prove me wrong.
  4. Is hydraulix 9 - D.A.V.E the drummer the one that samples funky town that Rush used to flog or was that a 4x4x4?
  5. Just picked up a couple Shure M-447's and I am pretty happy with sound.
  6. Hey guys, I'm pretty stoked that you're all digging this sort of thing. After reading Cheyne initial response I was thinking that creating a regular podcast would be the better solution at present. I've just picked up i life 08 and garage band has a simple podcast creator so I'll use this for the first one. I'd be honest in saying that I have little to no production skills or abilities so I would might need to put a shout out for short sound snippets for"soudpunk" etc. Once I have a go at a couple I would be happy to try to commit to a regular program on a fortnightly basis. I would also use it as a vehicle to play music from unsigned producers, but it would still have to be music that I am into and suit the style of the show and of a high production level. If you would be happy with hosting a podcast Chayne I get into it to get the software extra down, just need to find a mic. Any tips or words of advice would be greatly appreciated. cheers, Ajent X
  7. Hi all, Have been away for a bit, too busy with family and work but getting back into tha nets etc and was thinking if having some sort of sound punk radio was possible. It came up for purely selfish reasons, I live in brisabne, my best mates in adelaide, we often talk on a friday night but can't indulge in the old days of a mix, drink and chat. I was talking about trying to stream a live mix so I could mix and drink and just use the puter to chat and he could listen whilst having a drink etc as well. I suppose virtually hanging out. Then I'm thinking, what if it could be done through SP, it wouldn't have to be full time or any thing but if someone wanted to broadcast a show or something they could put there name on a roaster and a monthly program could be created. We could even have a virtual house party from different states with different people playing at different times through the night. I have heard rumors of these recovery parties down south and it would be great if they were streaming so others could join in. Is this ration thinking or am I totally out of the loop regarding this type of thing? It doesn't have to start out big, just a few broadcast here and there and see how it goes. I know from peoples backgrounds there must be an amazing collective of music on this site from the members so why not share it with each other. Cheers, Ajent X
  8. best I make my new year resolution bit more posting and a bit less reading if you know what I mean.
  9. golfboi. which doesn't change the fact that it's one nice car.
  10. :clap: aw shit you made me spill my drink.
  11. I know it's early but off to Beyer and Mull so I'll see if there are any scunts left standing on the flip side.
  12. Could this discount somehow work for briscunts also DD? Although I don't think I'll have spare cash until mid jan cheers, Ajent X
  13. You had me thinking of the IT crowd when they BS their boss they've installed voice activation on his computer. It's good for a laugh if you like British Comendy.