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  1. I forgot to mention this site: No plug or anything - but if anyone has used it or knows anything of it - let me know. To me, it looks a little corny?
  2. Yope! I'm not so 'down' with what is available around in the way of courses etc etc for Live Sound/Sound Engineering. A Google search can only tell us so much. Could anyone, with a bit of a 'know', be able to point me in the direction of educative sources that cover Live Sound/Engineering? We're wanting to transform someone with minimal knowledge into someone who can confidently use and setup all of the standard equipment to make a Live band sound half decent. Online & Short Courses preferred. Thanks!
  3. Thanks Niktu - I found Wavelab and found it very picky with its wave files. On a lighter note, I've found one that works-a-treat <-- for those interested. Thanks for your help, Guys! Cheers, Steve.
  4. Cheers mate. Looking at a PC - XP SP3
  5. Guys, Long time, no type! Hope all is well. I'm trying to hunt down a *free* wave sampler. This is what was currently being used by my mate: ^^^hard coded/built in sampler [not VST] Anything similar to this would be great. Ultimately, he wants to load a .wav and then use his midi keys to play different notes etc etc. Cheers, Steve.
  6. Thanks Boys!
  7. Mr Ehsan, Was just looking at this - you bloody mind reader I have been playing with some of their VST's and I am a happy man by far - was unaware they had a SA avbl! Cheers, Steve.
  8. Gents, As scabby as it may sound, I am trying to hunt down a free, useful, reliable Spectrum Analyzer - VST. I am thinking of shelling out $300 to buy a top notch one but right now, I wouldnt be using it enough to justify the money spent - especially when I am sure there are some good ones out there. KVR has plenty but it is near impossible to download all and trial each and every one of them - efficient is the word i'm looking for. Thanks! Steve.
  9. Boys! Long time no type! Just to expand on the main point of the topic. Using, use search strings such as "in the studio with", "future music intereview", "in the studio" - there is a stack of videos & tips! -Freemasons doing their 'Uninvited' which is getting flogged on radio's at the moment. There is about an hours worth of video from these boys. -Stonebridge, as already mentioned doing his thing with 'you don't know' and other things (longest series) -D Ramirez as already mentioned - based around some corny tech house track. Known for his Bodyrox - Yeah Yeah mixes. -Steve Angelo - he seems arrogant haha All in all, there is plenty of videos on there, most are split up so keep a look out for the 'related' videos etc etc Cheers, Steve.
  10. I mean if you have the gear, give it a whirl. Im a strong believer in trial and error. Maths didnt prove the world! it was the world who created the math! So if a box is 22x33x44 (not legit measurements) it also has much more going on around it that might not let it work. Break out the amps, the cables and fully schick subby and go nuts son! Cheers, Steve.
  11. As per my previous post, I am currently under the influence of the old lager or two or three etc etc so apologies if I am off track. Just clairfy for me, you want a track of disorted and a track of lovely sexy shiny clean? Because a hint of dist is your future lover, you want to add the dirty dist to the clean her track? How I am understanding it is that you want some overdrive without blowing monitors and then you want the dynamic to play a part of the track? Cheers, Steve
  12. Software gremlins! Change the synth and watch it blossom! Cheers, Steve. PS: Ill explain more. Use the clean version done by RB and then grab another VST.... At the risk of being too kryptic, its our ears and brains that are making the scratchy woo woo's show up more when a similar scratchy woo woo freq can be found in the VST. Listen to the extreme start of that VST and where the scratchy woo woo has the scratch at the end of the kick sample. PPS: No scratchy woo woo's were hurt in the making of this post.... PPPS: Dont ask me watcha scratchy woo woo is PPPPS: One more kryptic - add lemon to water, it gets sour. Add more lemon to water, it gets more sour. This is whats happening - your ear is getting more sour taste cus of the down beat of the vst and the up beat off the kick. PPPPPS: Did I mention, change the VST? hehe wooooooo back to beer!
  13. hahaha thats hilarious! ah man, you got to start an emoticon bashing thread!
  14. Zac, Keep an eye out on the below URL: Very good DB, although the only Becks track listed is some super old school, Woodstock hippy type stuff music Cheers, Steve.
  15. Name: Steve Age: 22 Location: Melbourne Occupation: GSM Network Admin Fav types of music: Anything and everything minus Country. Equipment: A bit to much to mention, pic will follow some time soon. How'd you find soundpunk? : ITM which an RIP for all I care! Do you produce/DJ : Both. what kinda gear ya got: Live setup: CDJ1000mkII x 2, DJM600, EFx, Laptop, HD25's, EQ, BCD2000 & UMX49. Production: See "Equipment: