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  1. Thanks for the supportive comments guys. It's invaluable to get such in-depth feedback and it's great to receive so many positive comments for a song that I put a fair bit of time into. The hard work is slowly paying off! Yep there's just one of me: groovewell/Pretension/or you can call me Mark. Thanks again guys. I am looking forward to the release.
  2. Just voted! The ones that stood out for me: HPS909 Dubsteppa Remix - Agressive. Very nice. Love the creative delays used on this one. Automate Remix - Very nice DnB mix. Well produced with a solid bassline. G-Mix - ElectroPop at it's best. Very nice! Genre Confused Remix - Hectic! Love the reverse vocal work. Surecut Kids Remix - Very cool. Love the chopped break style with the dubby interludes. lowkey+nude - Smooth with some nice classic house sounds.
  3. Cheers mate. Glad you like it. Mine is also up here: or the listen to the whole thing on the player....
  4. Just uploading now. (Pretension's Too High Remix) Fantastic comp guys!
  5. I'm assuming we can upload right up until 11:59pm on the 28th yeah? Gonna be a busy weekend....
  6. Awesome guys. Now is that pesky TA entering again this time? We might as well give up now if he is...
  7. Congrats mate. Well Done! It's good to get something finished hey. If only I could get something finished.
  8. Pick me. Pick me! Yeah I''ll be in on this one too. Once I get home I'll throw something together.
  9. I can feel a COld ache coming on. They all sound like great ideas Bruxism. I can't wait to try them out this summer. haha
  10. Wicked find. Very good info there... Save and Print!
  11. .. yeah and your President is Okay now too so I am sure we will be a little friendlier. haha
  12. What if I can't actually play piano? Will these gloves fix that?
  13. Another fantastic resource from those friendly folk at Soundpunk! Awesome.
  14. Happy b-day to you sir, You are a gentleman and a scholar.