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  1. Thanks Capn for listening, appreciate that coming from someone like yourself..PZzz The synth is a patch is actually two different ones I programed in reason..Top secret stuff ;D
  2. THX Tribalchris! Appreciate the listen and feedback, see ya around sp..
  3. Long time no posty, sorry just had get back in touch with the artist side and actually produce something ;D..Thanks for listening, hope you enjoy.. GAMMACHILD [mp3=200,20,0,center][/mp3]
  4. No probs keep up it bra
  5. Nice Dnb.. Very nice B-line and cool fills..Can't find any faults here, kinda organic feelin drum and bass..O and welcome to the punk land...PZzz :clap:
  6. Are those samples actually taken from the MC and the TR? If so cool collection..As for the song, not the cats meow for me personally but I can appreciate the direction and production. I would offer to say that maybe some panning of the percussion, to make better use of your fields, fatten up the synths, maybe a more simpler riff and work out the songs direction from there. How about one of those filtered squelching synth drops to break it up some..Also the bass line seemed to drift a little from the kick, not sure :- . I would have to say nice job, just iron out some production kinks and keep the acid burnin.. PZzz
  7. Defo nice mix, and cool space feeling..I really came to sniff out the bass .. Really nice use, and interesting soundz through out. Drum work is clean and bright, so what if it's redrum : a drum machine is only instrument if you know how to use it..Cool sound bro.... PZz
  8. :wtf: WOW cool concept..Feelin this..interesting use of material, and nice to this sort stuff..Cool job...
  9. Proper darkness, nice mood imo.Crisp drums 2 and really interesting snare.. nice job!!
  10. Much appreciated man, sorry for then miss communication..I have came across arses before on other forums that said stuff just to be, well a arse.. Not you for sure and I know that does not explain anything here but I am sorry for all of that..We can't ignore each other, we are all here for the same reason, so talk away we are on the same page...
  11. Ouch bro.. ??? A simple "hey you forgot mine " would have worked... Not trying to leave anybody out. pads, transistions are smooth, the melody you hooked with the vocals is pretty nice and original, also liked the vocal samples cut into smaller words in the beginning...Peace
  12. O-k as promised, almost 2 hrs and I got the first half... Nic Nac- nice fx pan on percusion parts, cool tempo, and nice introduction to bass Ben Mill-Very clean intro, nice pads-reminded me of a sci fi tv show, cool breakdown with jazzy drums BigAWatts-Interesting twist of your remixes, nice use of vocal edits and fx Captain Terrific- nice bass/pads cool shuffle on vocals, smooth transistions Dark crew-Cool glithces on drums/vocals, interesting filter transistions, good vocal edits, nice synth 2:48 and moves around 3:20 Deeply silent-Cool ambiance, nice beats/bass Jesterfu-Very original take/ abstract, is this a tweaked time sig.? Kotov and Andre remix 2- I am feelin the first remix alot more RumbingC- Intersting use of drum samples Rusty Ohara-Nice bass interesting lofi sound Spazmatron-Crisp percussion, nice electro feel Dr griff- Nice drum work, cool use of pan on vocals, nice bass and key changes, very slick Groovewell-nice synth, trippy tempo, really bangs around 2:50 Hops-Nice use of stereo field, cool feel to the sound, nice 303 Ijed-Cool Dr dre type synth pad John Vanraalte- nice and housey nice use of vocals , good structure.. Until I get some time to review the second set, as always cool sounds all around and lots of hard work peeps :clap:
  13. Wow huge review Jester.. I'm sure we all can appreciate that, I think thats pretty cool that you kept my remix in mind, sorry the bass let ya down..It wasn't flooded with my normal bass style because I didn't to take the remix over to much. :- I know my take isn't the most wide liked remix, but I dare to be different and I am no pro by any means..I just learned a heck of alot, doing this remix.. Thanks for the mention Jester, :cans: PEACEATCHA Thanks Dark Crew Yea, all the people that hear my remix say that as well, something is catchy about it, not sure if it's monumental but it sticks.. Thanks for that point.. Lata I got to get back on my review process, got sucked in to my home duties for little bit.. :bang:
  14. Man all good stuff, I am glad I am not the Judge ;D.. Just like I thought a huge varity here, I just started listening thanks to Cheyne . So far I really like the original direction of spectrum, cool use of the sample parts, and intro is cool(took me off guard) Kotov and Andre is got that nice bass and very groovy club feel I have goto go to work for now, but will listen to more later...