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  1. hehe reminds me of this mate at this moment in time i'm finally putting my patchbay together i also recently got an NI X1 Kontrol thingy for traktor and it's ace! highly recommended
  2. nice work mate! that sure is a funky number if ever i've heard one!! needs to be more of this sorta proper housey stuff around - i sure do miss it.
  3. superb mate what a beautiful girl you have yourself! great photo too, it looks like you're radiating. congrats again and all the best!!!!
  4. that's brilliant. congratulations mate !!! nice work on the secret ting too, classy stuff. i'm not too keen on 'roberta' however if you fashioned her hair into a mullet you could quite easily call her bobby
  5. speak for yourself mate! happy birthday mate 8)
  6. :D :D
  7. woo just opened a present and my lovely girlfriend got me a nice big cow bell :D and some hitting sticks to hit it with
  8. hope you guys all have a fantastic and safe christmas! i would like to try this aldi beer i'm hearing so much about i'm currently drinkin' kingfisher and wishing i was back in india. happy christmas spunks xoxooxoxo
  9. great idea cheyne!!
  10. purchased recycle 2.1 yesterday. will play very nicely with the mpc1000 imo. in other news for some reason soundpunk isn't blocked by the corporate firewall anymore. hurrah!!!!!!!!!
  11. 'san you could get the ohm 64 landed for 800 yo
  12. ps. awesome dylab! i would give someone's right leg for that
  13. mpc1000 and jomox mbass11 thingy and a patch bay
  14. that's awesome mate. top work! sucks about the theft, at least you were smart enough to get insurance! i never would've done that (sadly)... how long are you planning on staying over that way for? can you speak spanish? the scene over there is class for pretty much every genre (or so i've heard). the spanish sure love to party! nice work + keep us updated, great read