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  1. Wow. Going from FL to heart goes out to you; that must be difficult! But hold on: you honestly think FL "colors" the sound and Pro Tools doesn't? Interesting. The same wave files should sound the same in pretty much any host on the same setup. FL is a quality program (even though I know it gets a rep as a hobbyist-only host). I'm sorry, but I find this hard to believe; is this something I don't know about FL Studio?
  2. OK, so seriously: are you wondering why someone would use one specific VSTi instead of, say, a bunch of samples?
  3. Oh! Well, west coast got more cred, yo! :cans:
  4. I don't know: can you be more specific?
  5. You know, I've tried the rest of the drum romplers, and I still think Toontrack bring a level of realism to EZD that isn't quite matched by the others (I'm speaking specifically of the anti-machine-gun effect). I think I am always going to buy Toontrack from now on. :clap:In case no one has noticed, toontrack's DFH Superior 2 is coming out soon. Looks and sounds like the one to beat, IMHO; replete with custom Sonalksis effects!! ??? ???
  6. SMAART, eh? Had to look it up; seems pretty hardcore. Probably more than I need right now, but a good product to know about for the future.
  7. Yeeeeeeeeeeah, booooooiiii!!! Welcome! More peeps!
  8. who can argue with that?
  9. I may or may not be over-30, depending on how female and attractive you are...
  10. Did somebody say discount? :wtf: :-* Man, I've been dying to try Cubase for ages, but I expect I'll be a little disappointed; not enough optimizing in the engine, and Steinberg always almost makes cool effects, but not quite. I hear the new track EQ is better, though...
  11. Watch it with that proprietary lingo there, buddy...
  12. Sorry: "impulses"? What do you mean? Just curious.
  13. Yes, I agree. I should've clarified, I meant exactly that: using it when you convert your 32- or 24-bit mixdown to 16-bit. Pretty rudimentary stuff. Never mind. It was just that rhythmboy said he "threw it on every session", so that didn't sound like the usual dither-before-bit-reduction use to me, and I thought he might be wasting resources (not to mention introducing noise) on an unnecessary step.
  14. That could be, but you're supposed to use dithering only at mastering, no?
  15. Edirol Orchestra is ass! Massively outdated. Frankly, you'd be better off grabbing some old AKAI libraries. My favourite is EWQSL Gold, absolutely amazing-sounding, so maybe the Silver edition, if you're looking to save some $$$? Miroslav Philharmonik is a good option too, and Kontakt 2 ships with a pretty good VSL set, if you have K2.