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  1. man, what is it with everyone buying houses these days? heaps of my friends have taken the plunge recently. congrats dude! greets from berlin!
  2. fuck nice track dude. The intro riff reminds me a bit of little fluffy clouds too, thogh maybe from the title that's intentional
  3. thanks duder
  4. hey dude, glad you're liking it. It seems like a lot for a drum machine, i know I umm'ed and aah'ed about it for ages (over a year), but when you start using it you see why they are so popular. It's an excellent interface and i havent found anything either software or hardware that competes on usability, let alone the sounds. enjoy! if/when i settle down somewhere again i'll deffo be getting another one
  5. I thought i'd try "squeeze one out" while i still have all my gear. I was trying to work on sparseness and space without being boring. [mp3=400,30,0,center]http://www.psyninjas.org/bellamb.mp3[/mp3] there's a few little tweaks i want to make, but please let me know if you have any comments. thanks!
  6. that is a pretty cool groove. im pretty shit at mixing so wont comment except to say it sounded ok to me!
  7. bump $1800, still got ~6 months warranty
  8. Yah he doesnt rate the UW sampling bit in terms of bang for your buck. The actual MD itself though he rates. He has a point but it depends how much sampling u do, I record stuff off the inputs, trim the start/end and its fine. I don't really do a lot of sampling though. And by that I mean its great and give me heaps of cash for it! @Jester - I've taken 8 months unpaid leave in april and gonna do some travelling, first stop Iceland and ill be spending a fair chunk of time in Berlin too. After my leave is up I got relocated to the head office in Zurich, Switzerland so ill be living there (assuming i dont get made redundant while away). Should be interesting! Sexy fun times ahead. @Cheyne open to offers duder! I'd rather sell it and have the cash for travelling than have it sitting in storage for unknown years ... Also hello to all you sexy bitches, long time no see, ive been flat out with stuff so not much time for much at all Oh well a big holiday soon ...
  9. bumpin i got some truths in fine condition
  10. Hey all I am selling my Machinedrum for $2199. They are $2899 from awave at the mo! I purchased it from Awave and it should still be under warranty, I will dig up the details if anyone is interested. It is in immaculate condition, smoke free studio only and I would say it has less than 20 hours use. I bought it late last year and just haven't had the time to use it. Now I am moving overseas and am selling all my stuff. It is a great little unit. I am in the inner west of sydders if you want to come check it out. Open to offers.
  11. hey all, not sure what the policy is on ebay links here, mods please delete if its inappropriate! I have a cdj 100s and stanton sa-8 for sale on egay. $0.99 starting bid. I am moving overseas and they have to go. If anyone wants to make an offer feel free, i had the cdj listed for $200 and the mixer for $400 and neither sold. Mixer - http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=290301593693 CDJ 100 - http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=290301593766
  12. nice one dude! hope it goes well, try get a recording so we can all chinstroke about it after the event
  13. fuck nice one dude, congrats!
  14. yes the best thing about the shire is getting a rise out of shire people the inner west is full of smelly hippies, fat goth chicks and greeks. the upper north shore is full of christians. i grew up there and had to lol at the 16 year olds hanging outside gordon station trying to be homies in the merc dad bought them.