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  1. Thanks for the reply mate, Ended up asking around for a few mates and going the Suite box, for the price I can't complain. I'm loving Live so far, what used to take me 30-40 mintues to get my head around in Logic takes me a few minutes in Live. Also when I shut down Logic at the end of a session, I dread having to open it up next time, because it's so cumbersome, Live, when I shut down, I can't wait till next time to open it. That was me mate, soundcard's still going strong as well!
  2. Hey guys, Long time lurker, occasional poster here. Long story short, I'm one of those DJs who's been slowly learning how to produce but not really getting very far with it ATM (mainly due to time constraints). So I guess what I'm getting at is, I know how to find my way around a DAW, but in reality I'm still a n00b. Anyway, I have a full copy of Logic Studio 9 (completely legit) but I'm sick of Logic's general interface and counter-intuitiveness. I received a free, legit copy of Ableton Live 7 when I bought my mixer a few years ago, and can get a decent deal on updating to Live 8, I'd really be interested in updating it, but need help choosing between Live and Suite, also, is there any real advantage in getting a box vs download? I have about 400gb a month to burn through so download's not really an issue. I've attached the pricing. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers, Angus
  3. Just spreading my love for my iPhone 4 here!
  4. SUCCESS!!! Grabbed a 2 Pin adapter from work... thanks for the help guys
  5. Ummm... I'm sure it was a powerboard or powerpoint in my room... This was going back a year ago, but I'm sure he plugged it in Hahaha... I can't do hardstyle... I already live with a hardstyle DJ... It can be quite painful :S
  6. Hehe... Thanks guys... Been lurking on here for a while but haven't really had much time (and this buzzing's been pissing me off too much) to sit down and actually do anything... I've got an Inspirion 9300 (with the bigger power supply) but might see if I can pinch one without the middle pin from work... I'm using TRS-TRS leads atm... Would TRS - XLR make any difference?? Soundcard's got TRS out, monitors have TRS/XLR combo in.. (Sorry about the n00b questions) A mate of mine with a Macbook Pro rigged it up to my sound card and didn't have the problem.. Looking forward to reading a bit more in here and hopefully having something to show for it (Don't worry, it won't all be trance )
  7. OK... Got a bit of an annoying hum through my Edirol FA-66 and Dell Inspiron 9300... Played around with it, and it's only there when my laptop power supply is plugged in... It's fine when running off the battery... What's the easiest/cheapest/most foolproof way of fixing this?? or am I doomed to go out and buy a Mac?? Thanks heaps in advance, Angus
  8. Although... my boss is back at work so the pressure will be a fair bit less now as well
  9. DJ Poon...
  10. Name: Angus Age: 23 Location: Brisbane Occupation: Network Administrator Fav types of music: Trance of course , I love melodic prog as well... Non electronic I love world music like Deep Forest, Jah Wobble's Invaders of the Heart etc.... Prod Equipment: Dell Inspiron 9300, Edirol FA66, Edirol PCRM30, Tascam VLX5's Dj Gear: 2x Technics 1210s, DJM300, HD25's CDJ's and new mixer coming soon!!! Do you produce / dj: getting there I don't have as much time as I used to, it's rare I'll get the chance outside of work to sit down in front of my laptop for more than half an hour... Been DJing for a few years, play out a fair bit... played at Earthcore, Family Mainroom and Transmission, and run a radio show on Wednesday nights (slowly making the move to CDJ's so it's getting harder to get motivated to buy new stuff on vinyl)... How'd you find soundpunk: ITM... Trawling the production forum there...
  11. From a noob this is what I went with... Reason + Edirol FA66 Bundled - $1300 Edirol PCRM30 - $335 Tascam VXL5 - $499 Bit over $2,000 Now if only I had the time to do something with it :bang: